FindAir - Monitor your progress on how you deal with asthma

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Monitor your progress on how you deal with asthma



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Thousands of people have died while trying to deal with asthma. Many have to manually fill in data to monitor their progress on how they improve. With this app on your smart phone, you can easily collect data that will help you and your doctor.

FindAir application is a smart asthma diary for your smartphone. No more manually filling in data every time you use your medicine. With FindAir, you can easily add all information with single clicks and monitor your progress to better understand your asthma. source


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Asthma can be controlled with medication and controlling your environment (removing dust etc) - a diary like this will help you find your triggers.

asthma is a problem and its a good app

A great app for those who are suffering from asthma i will check this out as i have also this problem nice shared

FindAir is nice hunt that you shared.

A good application for the asthama

Good application

Great hunt dear friend
This is really useful application through which we can monitor to deal with asthma disease.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks for sharing this hunt here

FindAir seems to be a good app.

Asthmatic people experience difficulty during time of their crises, holding those data down by record keeping is really good.

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