Citrus Diseases Key - Identify citrus disease using your phone

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Citrus Diseases Key

Identify citrus disease using your phone



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Many diseases are difficult to distinguish from one another or disease symptoms mimic disorder symptoms. Images and description of diseases are helpful in making a correct diagnosis.

Citrus Diseases is a symptom-based, illustrated identification key that encompasses citrus diseases that are in the United States as well as those of immediate concern. It is designed to be used by United States quarantine officials responsible for inspecting imports, and by federal, state and local domestic survey and identification personnel.


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The Citrus Diseases Key app is mostly designed to be used by the United States officials who are responsible for inspecting imports or any identification personnel, and what it does is help identify any potential diseases in citrus type fruits.

With Citrus Diseases Key we cam easily identify citrus disease using your phone.

Will it very easy to identify citrus disease. Nice hunt.

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