Air-Gen - Generate electricity from moisture in the air

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Generate electricity from moisture in the air



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Air-Gen is a device that is made to generate electrical current from the moisture that is present In thin air. It will give you clean energy all day without causing environmental harzad

Air-gen.” or air-powered generator, with electrically conductive protein nanowires produced by the microbe Geobacter. The Air-gen connects electrodes to the protein nanowires in such a way that electrical current is generated from the water vapor naturally present in the atmosphere.Source


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Totally interesting. I can't wait for this to be massively upgraded and become eligible for mass adoption. Clean energy at its best.

This is a very valuable idea to produce electrical current from the moisture through Air-Gen. This innovative device can be a game changer for the whole environment. It will produce clean energy and also beneficial for the atmosphere. Very unique and interesting hunt.

Wow! This device will be so useful in this part of the world (shey u grab baba?). I'm fascinated by the fact that it is renewable energy and it doesn't cause environment pollution.
Nice hunt buddy

Innovations like this are only going to help our climate.

Innovations like
This are only going to
Help our climate.

                 - sanjeevm

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Most gen cause environmental pollution which is quite unhealthy. I find this hunt really interesting and useful.
Thanks for sharing this hunt


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