The Herston Desk Lamp - Get Your Work Done In A Very Smart Way

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The Herston Desk Lamp

Get Your Work Done In A Very Smart Way



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Hunter's comment

I have searched some great stuff for my today's hunt. It is very simple, unique and most effective Desk lamp for various common uses at the same time in office and home.

  • Easy-to-adjust
  • High performance light with
  • Sleek lines
  • No unsightly cords
  • Effective for the home or office

What the creator asked about it:

The latest LED technology creates a high quality, dimmable light that can be used as both a bright, conventional task light and a more subdued mood light.

Pricing; $300



Hunter: @steenit

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Great Hunt @steenit

A desk lamp with an innovative design for home and office use. You can adjust according to all positions. It has a stylish design to fit your desk and you.

It's a really interesting item. First of all, I love the design. I want to use it at home or on my desk. It seems really necessary for people who spend a long time on their desks.

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Do not duplicate the product name or use any non-product-specific words in the field “short description.”

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Thank you.


Thanks @monajam. I have done with editing, please check and let me know if it is okay or not...? Thanks


It's perfect now :)
Approved !

A lovely design and we can play with it. Looks like elegant lamp to have. I love it
Good hunt

A much needed lamp for the domestic as well an office purpose. The Herston Desk Lamp ensures the level of light to provide the maximum ease for the human eye in an effective way. It can be adjusted easily anywhere.

Brilliant Hunt for sure :)

love how its so adjustable and would look great in any decor , office or home , perfect for a dorm room !! great hunt @steenit , I want one!! 👍✌💕💁

Light system is important for working and studying. Sure The Herston Desk Lamp will be very useful as a lamp. Great hunt.

many useful features of this product, including:

Easy to adjust,
High performance light with
Slim lines,
There is no unsightly rope,
Effective for home or office.

It is so beautiful lamp with many great features. It can be used in home and office. It is very smart lamp that can be easily adjust at any place. It gives a high performance light.
Cool Hunt!

Great hunt @steenit This lamp is definitely useful to all. What I like about this lamp is its easy-to-adjust and the high performance of its light. Though its a bit pricey there.

I am reading a book and I am working on the desk. sometimes light be less. For that i need a desk lamp. Now I saw this product it is very good for me. Thanks for the hunt.

Are you a businessman or businesswoman maybe teacher etc. You have done your work on the desk. But you need some light for the work easy. The Herston dask is best for that. Thanks for th hunt.

Waoo it is a great product we can adjust this lamp according to our needs and and we can also use this limp for study purpose and when we want to study in mid night we can use this for lighting and no one will be disturb the light of lamp .

I want to have one of these cool lamp. It suits for one of my favorite thing to do, reading. Nice find there!

The magnificence of this lamp is the elegant design, and the light that has a very pleasant tone that does not damage the view. Something that does not convince me is the price, it's not economical at all.

Beautiful design is an impressive lamp. It's nice to have a lamp anywhere on your desk. It was difficult to control other products like this, but they must have been made by following the principles of birds. But the price is 300 dollars so I hesitate to buy.

Awesome hunt ! Thanks for your work.

Here is my review for your hunt:

My personal score :★★★★★★★★ (Max: 10 Stars)


  • This product had a nice design
  • This product is easy to use
  • This product is effective
  • This product is not expensive


  • None

Good job and great hunt!

Looking forward to see more great hunt from you!

This is a really nice lamp. It would be perfect for my desk. I really like the would design and the way it just levels itself out as you reposition it. It seems to give quite a bit of direct light that is focused on its current position. Great Hunt @steenit.

Wow, It is very good for me Lol thanks for sharing this type of hunt it will easy to study by using this.

The price is to high for this invention. It is not something very innovative that people would be willing to pay this much

I think it's a very veiled cost but it's a great invention without a doubt, thanks for sharing it, it's still a great invention,

Great design
High performance light
Easily adjustable
Place as a decoration peace
High Cost 300 $

This lamp looks very useful and at the same time very beautiful, its easiness to lean saves us the effort at the time of reading, and will also give a toke of elegance to the rooms, great hunting

The Herston desk lamp is very useful. The lamp is stylish, elegant. They produced with the word. Performance of lamb is so high. Thanks for the sharing.

I like this sleek herston deak lamp a lot. Looks simple and great design. Thanks for the hunt.

I love this lamp's innovative design. It's unique, sleek, and it wouldn't clutter your desk, at all. The only real downside is the price. Paying $300 for a desk lamp is a little steep. Lol!


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Very cool for study room
cool hunt

It is indeed a cool one :)
Will be helpful in any types of situation