Ringtrough - A Fresh Water Solution for Everyone

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A Fresh Water Solution for Everyone



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The main creation that can financially and economically change over seawater to crisp water for a whole city utilizing 100% sustainable power source.

In recent time water shortage is a big issue in around the world. Advance countries have some solution but the backward countries like Africa and some in Aisa are the real victim. They are forced to use non-drinkable water.
Now I am introducing a solution which is named : Ringthrough

"40' (12m) wide curved mirrors reflect sunlight onto a 6" (15cm) pipe, heating up the seawater flowing through it, to just above the boiling point. The 230°F (110°C) seawater is then sprayed into a standard flash distillation tank to separate the salt. The output is fresh water and the brine is sent back to the ocean"


A video for more details:




Hunter: @steenit


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This is a great innovation/product especially only 3% of our bodies of water are suitable for human consumption. I hope government will take a look on this.

This will really come in handy in places that struggle with supply of clean water. Anything that is geared towards offering better living standards is always a win in my books, good hunt!

I agree, this would help many people of many countries around the world. Let's pray for its success at this level so that it could be launched on larger scales in the next phase. Quite informative, intriguing and cool hunt, @steenit.

Hey this is so nice and good. Its also so helpfull. I like so much..its really awesome hunt I just love it.thanks for sharing this awesome hunt.keep it up..

This is great. That way there would be more drinking water. And those countries that have very low water resources would greatly benefit. Beautiful purpose!


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Great Hunt!


Awesome but simple technology with a huge potential to help out literally all people leaving near the sea. I'm not quite sure about the water quality it needs since many shores in poorer countries are polluted due to big companies not giving a fu** about the environment.

Keep on the good work!

Great invention to have fresh water using only reflected sunlight to heat the seawater and separate the salt from the fresh water. Thanks for sharing this project @steenit

It's really useful product for the world. I read its working and its wery well explained how salt is seperated from water. Hopefully it can be used more so that water problem wont exist anymore

Many countries face to drinkable water problem and it may be more very soon. Ringtrough looks like a great solution for it. Great project, great hunt.

You're right. Finding ways to make drinking water accessible to more people is one of the biggest problems we face today. Technologies like this, which can turn salt water into potable drinking water will go a long way into helping improve the lives of those who have no access to potable drinking water but live in areas surrounded by the sea. Hopefully, more communities adopt technologies like this sooner, so we can better preserve our freshwater sources.

I see more and more of this products that turn sea water into fresh one with 100% renewable energy. And of course this is a great thing. There should be more solutions to this. Fresh water is essential.

Drained water is a big problem for every country.this is very great solution in this big problem. This product provides the fresh and clean water for everyone. This is very great and helpful product.hopefully government work in this project. Everyone like this product. Thanks for sharing.very wonderful hunt.

Wow. This will be useful in countries in the gulf and in areas of calamities. It looks portable, too. I hope it really clears the water of the salt because in some countries that rely on filtered saltwater for drinking, they have a high case of kidney failure due to the salinity of the water they drink. Good hunt.

Using renewable energy is one of the important thing for our world. They combined it to make fresh water from the sea water. This one is also one of the important thing for our world so this is totally a great thing.

This may be a breakthrough to use sea water, which is available in abundance. However, the project is yet to get the right amount of notifications, as it has gathered only $1823 out of its $400000 goal, with just 30 days to go. Let's watch this, if it gets all the funding it needs to be built.

In the world there are many countries which has not enough clean water like Africa. This product can help them to produce clean water from the sea. It works with solar power so there is no need for extra energy. Its totally costless.

This is an incredible hunt! Really an incredible hunt. Imagine seawater becomes 100% drinkable. We know that we only have a lot percentage of Freshwater in the world and we are facing scarcity. I wish to see it used by countries.

I watched and got all the into. Am really happy seeing that we can bow have a good source of water from Salt 💧 water also

Our world is drying out and sea water becoming high level because of melting of polar ice. Now here is the solution for this issues. Also with this product everybody in the world can have fresh water. Great idea great hunt

Water is the main problem nowadays in many undeveloping countries, SO We have to think of poor peoples, thanks for sharing this type of hunt. Now, maybe this issue will solve.

Drinking clean water is the right of every citizen. Unfortunately we have shortage of clean water for billions of people around the world. Ringtrough is a greaf device which convert sea saltish water into drinking water. The device is easy to use and great in working. Great hunt

(1) Where there is water scarcity, sea water can be converted into potable water with this by an ease.
(2) It uses renewable source of energy like solar power.

Thank you...steem on that hunt.

I think the best product of today is your hunt. It has renewable energy which is needed in the world. It makes drink water from the sea which is also needed in the world. So its already cool and really useful for humanity and the world.

Cool hunt

That is really a great step towards water safety in water scarcity crisis throughout globe. It is responsibility of govt. to take into consideration the current scenario and give boost to such technology .

This product should be supported by many countries. Its the solution of many problems. I know from TV's in some countries washing the car with city water was forbidden. So this problem is not only in Africa thats why it should be supported.


  • good and great

  • sulusi get clean water

  • a very useful and useful product


  • none

Hmm, the scarcity of water are around the world especially in some African countries, they have you use use the one available for them.
Ringtrough is the best solution , which will help them in purifying the available water.
@steenit thanks for bringing this Hunt👍

keep it up and have more good Hunts 💞💞

Hi @ steenit, outstanding hunt.
The idea is great, uses sea water and solar energy for to bring to boiling water and (just a couple of degrees above the boiling point), the part of the water that drains is pure water separating and the rest is returned to the sea.
The procedure is simple and logical.
After all, the inventor has been dealing with this project for 10 years, which is enough to talk about the preparation of this project.
Water from seawater is the safest source of clean water.
We know how much the surface of the earth is occupied by the oceans and the seas.

Cool hunt as nobody can ever imagine salt water can be used to generate clean fresh water. Great innovative ideas for some countries.

Everyday we see on television some people from africa that they are searching for drink water. This problem is not only there, also other places in the world needs drink water. This product brings the solution for it with using renewable energy and producing fresh water from the sea water

This is a very good innovation to solve water problems. The con I see here is that the water is boiled through sunlight. This means that Ringthrough can not be ran during rainy season? Or maybe they can attach source of electricity to it during rainy season but I wonder how much expenses will that be for electricity in exchange of water.

Hi @steenit very unique and useful Hunt you shared.


It is a great solution to provide pure and drinkable water in any area easily. pure water is a real problem in most countries but i think through this process the backward areas also enjoy the clean and pure water.It is a revolutionary achievement. No doubt it is a A Fresh Water Solution for Everyone.

What a great game, because the planet is covered with 96.5% salt water. This product takes you to fresh water is something magnificent and impressive.

Useful technology. This could solve the future problem where the water can't be used. Also for a country or place didn't have source of fresh water, it also help to solve th solved the problems. Great hunt 👍

I salute to the creator of this great technology. Almost from around the world people can be benefited by this awesome invention. I am so happy for those poor people who are forced to drink water from pond etc. Great find man. It must be a win.

This is an incredile technology ,the problem with most of the countries in africa is that they dont have fresh water to drink ,this concept will definetly bring a solution.

best wishes

Today you hunt a awesome technology. By Ringtrough, I believe it is possible to solve the problem of safe water. It is very easy system to supply the desired fresh water. Awesome Hunt thanks.

I see a lot of fresh water solution project and it's a great thing. Because as you know we won't have enough clean water source and we definetly need projects and products like this one. Great hunt friend !

innovative product men and if it is true the water is one of the biggest problems as time passes and that you can convert the sea water into drinking is great news great hunt

I have no clean water source problem in my country but there are a lot of country which don't have enough clean water source and this product can solve this problem. Great hunt friend.

excellent hunting, impressive the way this can change the world and improve the quality of life of many people, in many cities, also works with sunlight, has a simple design, this invention can improve the world in a magical way, The way he works is simple, I love it

Agreeing with you, can have equipment that converts salty sea water into clean fresh water that is the discovery of the best treasure, because that is what everyone needs here. great hunt!

These are great especially there are parts where fresh water is not a priority with this innovation could be changed to the world really good hunting

This is amazing hunt. We need this type of technology to get water. Thanks for sharing

The idea is great of course and will be really useful for the world. But I just checked out the Kickstarter and they need 400000$ for this project. In the vide too it seems easy and the material are also not expensive. Why do they need that much money?

This looks like awesome tech, and could really impact many lives.

What I love the most is that the salt & brine is pumped back into the sea, which (if my understanding is correct) will help fight the effects of melting ice (which pumps too much fresh water into the sea). So, this solution is effectively reversing the desalinisation effect of the melting ice - if used on a large enough scale, of course.

Very promising.

They used all the limits of technology to seperate salt from sea water and finally produce drinkable fresh water. Its great idea to find drink water. I hope we can see this product in many countries on work.

Water shortage is one of a serious problem of the world. And where water is available they are using non-purify water which is too dangerous. I was a bit worry about my world too about this issue. But today I am happy that some people are here in this world who are working hard for sake of betterment of mankind. Awesome share, please keep us updated with more great hunts.

Excellent hunt @steenit, i do hope that this device can help those people which is very far from civilizations or those places that are poor in terms of clean water.

The biggest advantage of ringthrough in comparison to other desalination machines is using reflected sunlight instead of fossil fuels to heat the sea water and extract fresh water. Therefore it does not polute the environment and uses a renewable energy source.

This type of product needs humanity if we want to survive the next 1000 years. Drinking water from year to year fading and if it goes on, the war for drinking water will soon begin. Such products will prevent this

Lack of Fresh water will be a big problem in the future. Projects like Ringtrough are great as a solution. Awesome hunt.

This is very useful innovation to produce clean water from the sea. I wish it could be used in areas that lack water.

Hello @steenit,

There is no doubt at all that water is gonna be the biggest challenge for the people of the modern world and off course for the coming generation too. Under this scenario Ringtrough is actually more than a blessing.

The mechanism it uses to purify the water to make it drinkable is highly appreciable and perfect. Chlorination and boiling the water are considered the perfect methods to clean the water but not in all cases. Ringtrough works so effectively.

"40' (12m) wide curved mirrors reflect sunlight onto a 6" (15cm) pipe, heating up the seawater flowing through it, to just above the boiling point. The 230°F (110°C) seawater is then sprayed into a standard flash distillation tank to separate the salt. The output is fresh water and the brine is sent back to the ocean

Thank you so much for this outstanding hunt :)

this is very innovative.
designing a clean water treatment machine that is very beneficial for all humanity in this world.
for those who lack water so they can also process sea water into fresh water so that it can be used for drinking.
Great hunt

This is amazing innovation!! Can really help many countries in Africa, and othe r places that suffering from lack of water and non drinkable water!!
Very good Hunt!

Most lovable Ringtrough

It looks a great product, it can turn sea or salt water very cheap, which can provide 100% fresh water to all the people. This is a very useful product.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

Wow this is a great invention! Clean water is my main concern for the future to come. Nice hunt @steenit

Using renewable energy to solve one of the major problems of the world in the near future sounds incredible. As we can see even these days more and more areas around the world have major problems regarding the fresh water supply. That i really like is that more and more Eco-friendly solutions are developed to solved major problems that our planet is facing right now...

Woow, This invention will help people in the countries that have lack of water such as in africa or asia.

I hope it can be installed on those countries.

Awesome hunt, brother

I hope that this is not only in one place, and extends worldwide; because we all need it. Thanks @steenit, for your hunt.

Water shortage has become one of the biggest problems in the world and our future generations will have to suffer a lot if we don't take any concrete action in this regard. This product seems a savior. Great hunt and clean presentation.

Linda and great hunting, this invention comes to solve a serious problem in countries where the sweet guide does not reach their homes, in addition to turn from salt water to sweet would be a great silucion since the pollution of our rivers is very remarkable, that's why that this hunting is great.

Wow...brilliant idea it is. I hope people in power will capitalized adapting this method for sustenance.

One of best Hunts today.
Water is life; without pure and clean drinking water life and health can not be maintained.
Ringtrough is a brilliant invention for water scarce countries.
Great Hunt!

Hi @steenit,you have made the one of brilliant posts yet,water problem is biggest problem in our world the machine you have shared on this platform for conversion of sea water to filterate,is amazing.Hope our governments use them so we can get rid of shortage of water.

This type of hunting are really bright, I think it will be useful on the entire planet earth, considering that water is vital. Congratulations

What a great product, congrats on this hunt!

This is an incredible hunt which separate salt from sea water for all users. I recommend this for everyone

This is an incredible hunt which separate salt from sea water for all users. I recommend this for everyone

I see so many great water purifying projects, Ringtrough is one of them and all the projects are great, Most of the people face to drinkable water problem very soon. Thanks for sharing this great project.

It's a remarkable creation to provide potable water to less privileged or under developed countries. It will lessen the miseries of millions of people of water scarce countries.

This is an incredible hunt which separate salt from sea water for all users. I recommend this for everyone

With the scarcity of safe drinking water, it's becoming a big challenge to create more water reservoirs for humans. This is a a bitter reality that this planet has more than 75% water and 25% is land and still we're dumping the save water storage through overpopulation and no prior planning. I'm pleased to know that makers of Ringtrough have come up with a great solution that is great because of the following reasons:

The main creation that can financially and economically change over seawater to crisp water for a whole city utilizing 100% sustainable power source.

Also, it's good to know that from some time, @steemhunt is showcasing such products in top 5 that will eventually create more awareness around such BIG problems humanity is facing at this point.

I really appreciate this hunt @steenit. Marvelous job!


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