DreаmIT - First AI-based anti-snoring braslet

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First AI-based anti-snoring braslet


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DreаmIT patented wristband packs an artificial intelligence sensors that identifies any irregularities in your breathing during sleep, gently vibrating to bring your sleep back into R.E.M, where breathing is easier.




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This ring doesn't look special at all. Nowadays, it seems that AI is a trend to put the word AI on anything.

How can vibrating changes our Face position ? i mean posture ?

Snoring is usually not very serious issue but your bed partner will be very disturbed. So, if you are a snorer, you not only disturbed the sleep of your partner but also your own sleep. So I think this bracelet is very useful and best for snorer. Nice Hunt!

Please give a ton of these devices, like my entire fimaly have sleep problems, they are super noisy

Seems a great bracelet based on Artificial intelligence that will give you a comfortable sleep with anti-snoring bracelet nice find

This seems like a better solution than wearing tapes on your nose or other such gadgets to make you turn over. Snoring can be caused by sleep apnea which is dangerous.

For reals? These days the tech popping up is incredibly mind-blowing. I gotta tell my friend about this, he definitely needs to check it out. Might cure his snoring habits. I wonder how it monitors the breat pattern with your wrist though.


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