BriteSweep - The Brighter way to clean

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The Brighter way to clean

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With the help of BriteSweep cleaning is more thorough, effective and efficient now. If you want to clean somewhere in dark then no problem, britesweep will serve perfectly. It is beautifully designed and it's kind of its own. Here is a few more detail about this revolutionary product:

Dirt, dust and debris can hide in plain sight; polluting our homes, encouraging growth of mold and irritating allergens. BriteSweep is here to shine some light and provide a smarter, brighter clean to help you live a brighter life.

Video Demonstration:

Price: $50


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Now a days technology is at it's peak. We can access everything with press of a click. Smart devices and automated system has changed the overall scenario of our daily lives. This is undoubtedly the best ever time in the history of technology. This hunt made my day. It's design is so beautiful and idea behind is mind blowing:

BriteSweep - The Brighter way to clean.

I must do appreciate behind this amazing and very useful idea. Great find @steenit. Keep it up.

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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This is a pretty useful product especially for ladies or for house-wives who use to clean their houses.
The best thing about this product that you can clean your house or someplace you want to clean at night.

BriteSweep is here to shine some light and provide a smarter, brighter clean to help you live a brighter life.

Love this product

Wow..this is really so cool gadget.
It will make easy our work.In dark we can clean. that's really nice
Awesome hunt.keep it.. up..

excellent hunt for the cleaning of our floor. The main attractive thing is that
the price of this product is not so high.
Excellent hunt.
Keep up your good job dear @steenit

Really great to know about this awesome innovation of latest technology. BriteSweep is very helpful in household as well as other inner places and all those places covered with dark or where light is not approachable. So now withe help of this device cleaning is everywhere and no point left behind. Nice sharing.

Ahhh so now Sweeping becomes an innovative one. I wonder how this sweep all of the dirt in the dark areas. I'm amazed to see this cool thing at the start of the day.

It makes me charged up and I would definitely buy one for me for my comfort zone if it available easily. Cool hunting

One of the most difficult things to do when cleaning is to clean up the dust and spills on the bottom. With this product having bright lights, we will be able to see and clean everything up to small detail. When a glass product breaks down, we need to clean it carefully. A little glass fracture can hurt us. Even though we can see large glass fractures in our eyes with daylight, we may miss some small things. But with this device until the smallest break, we can collect without difficulty.

Yes, everyone will think that's the great revolutionary household products... I've watching the video and get the question point "why people want to clean their room in the dark?"

Interesting point is the product really affordable.

An awesome way to clean one's space. I bet it uses UV light as active ingredient.

lol, so many different things are coming. well seems nice gadget cool finding :)

This is useful product to clean in easy way without hassle, I'm good with that but cleaning in evening is not always our option because in our place cleaning in the evening is not good and back luck come to us, I don't know how true is that but that what I know from old ages.

This is totally awesome, atimes there won't be electricity and we have workers that only return to their home in the night and need to sweep their room before sleeping, this britesweep just make it easier for them.... Nice hunt man

Amazing gadget to perform cleaning in night time. You don't need to turn on light and disturb every one who is sleeping. The gadget light is enough to view and clean the place. Nice hunt

What a great idea and awesome innovation, I can never see when sweeping under the bed and living room furniture etc, my hubby has allergies from dirt and especially from dust so this is something I will definitly check out further, I love it! Great hunt, upped!💁👍❤


Thanks for your kind reply 👍😀

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First why will i want to clean in the dark?! In a remote case that I may have to, so many votes for a product that not one person in this community will buy. And correct me if i am wrong, isn't is a broom with lights? How is that tech? Even if it has sensors, its stupid and lame. And the hunt is crap as it is. The comments take the prize. Tech is at is peak thanks to a broom with lights. Google's ceo just died reading that. And useful for ladies?

Brightsweap makes cleaning more easier for you. It provides a best cleaning for those spaces that you can't see in darkness through it's led lighting. It has a very effective and efficient line of illuminated cleaning tools that helps you see in poorly lit spaces for perfect cleaning.

I liked it, and the price is less, I just want one!

Actually, we are responsible for causing various diseases in our lives. In particular, the dust and dirt in our room increases the level of pollution, and we are affected by various types of diseases. This is a great way to clean, clean up the house and clean the dust. GREAT HUNT Thank you @steenit

The causes of diseases such as flu, etc., are due to bacteria that are at home, especially in dirty places. BriteSweep is able to clean the dirt seen along with these bad bacteria, PERFECT! ... :thumbsup: :beer:

Excellent Hunt! Just amazing because of brightness in this britesweep product and it will be useful in those cases when you are cleaning the floor at night time or suddenly light gone so you can still clean because it has own light and you can see and clean the floor even at night time great hunt thank you for exploring

Aside from the light, I wonder what other feature this device has as compared to ordinary sweeper or vacuum cleaner. If the problem is lighting in the area to be cleaned then turn the lights on. Or yes, this can be useful when the area to be cleaned does not have supply of electricity. 😊

That is a really cool product. but it's also kind of scary. I mean think of the amount of dust and other uncleanliness we leave around without properly cleaning. These things could stack up over time. My mom says I'm not a very good cleaner. Imagine her finind this one and going over the places I'v swept 😭😭😭

I still hope the product would find success and make your lives cleaner. $50 seems like decent price.

WoW i really like this broom coz this cleaning tool bring light directly to surface areas we are cleaning pretty cool on top of that this broom has built-in LEDs that provide sight in those dark or poorly lit areas that we didn’t have before much much better than conventional broom's in addition it also has a detachable base for cleaning small messes and wet debris definitely makes cleaning process much easier. Excellent Search

This looks an easy way to do with this cleaning system to clean our house efficiently. I know that safety is more important during cleaning house because we should prepare yourself from dust while cleaning the house.

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I totally appriciate your effort. You find best and perfect BriteSweep. Cleaness is very important for our good health. This is very great effective britesweep. It works very neat and fastly. This is use in our houses and also our offices. Really technolgy going very fast day by day. Technology helps you to spend your life become easy. It is also very useful product. Light of this product helps us to clean our home at night. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Simple but an effective idea for day to day issue that we face while cleaning our home. With this we can see the dark areas and that helps us to clean more accurately.

This is just d power technology. I just cant wait to keep seeing more and more modification to this great stuff. I want a scenario where we can Clean our house any time we feel like, not provably day time. That is what this great stuff has given us. Thanks @steenit

Nice and yeah going in blind while cleaning can be a little less helpful occasionally while come to think of it could be a little help with it for cleaning stuff. Nice hunt !!

If they increase the price and add an AI so this broom can clean all by itself, that will be better. People can speak to their broom so when they're busy, they only need to call it to clean something 😄

In traditional cleaning, we do not achieve thorough and effective cleaning and most of the times we miss the fine dust and these further result in nuisance as well as dust allergens. So with brightsweep not only one will have the illuminated cleaning tool but also effective cleaning as one will be able to see the fine dusts and the cleaning can be achieved thoroughly as one will be able to see the area through the LED lights attached in this brightsweep.

Good hunt.

Thank you and Have a great day.

It's a good tool that allows you to clean up in a smart way for a healthier and mold-free life and irritating allergens that can grow thanks to dirt and dust that you do not see in dark corners in our homes. Thank you for sharing.

This is a brilliant idea. We often miss some dirt Cleaning or sweeping in the dark (sometimes in the day time). The will definitely pick up dirt in the hidden corners of the room with its inbuilt LED lightning.

Also it's detachable base with a blade between the bristle will help cleaning small messes/dirts and clean wet dirts wet debris easily. Good hunt for a tidy room. Well-done @steenit.

Smart ideas when deliver according to right direction then success comes. And this superb idea placing at top one is a perfect example. What a hunt.

It's really very usable and it's really useful for cleaning the house. The biggest advantage of this is that it is available at very low prices. Anyone can easily buy and use this product. It is very good for me‌.

thank you so much for sharing it among us

I’m not sure if I like this cleaner because I absolutely hate cleaning or it’s just a great idea. I guess it doesn’t matter , I need one in my life 😁

I cant really see the use of this to be honest - its hardly innovative, just a broom with a light on the end! I cant say I have ever thought wish my broom had a light...

Maybe this is for people who clean at night time...

Simple smart cleaning tech, love the story behind the product, and that is really issue faced when cleaning but we tend to overlook and it simple addresses it.

If a UV tech to kill germs is integrated in this tool it will be cool

I wish the make best of luck hope it get the need funded raised.

BriteSweep is a line of illuminated cleaning equipment. The combined LED light lets users see in weak leit spaces so that they are cleaner, more thorough, effective and efficient.

I honestly don't see the point in this one. This looks more like a gimmick item and wouldn't be tempted to buy one. If you do the cleaning you will know that this isn't very practical. Most places use mops and vacuum cleaners and a broom is very rarely used. The only advantage maybe underneath furniture in dark spots but just move the furniture. Sorry I don't have the same enthusiasm as others as I am a realist and see this as a flop. Still an interesting hunt though.

It cleans in the dark. That is really will solve cleaning problems for many people. I think i need this one for home. Thanks for the great hunt

I have needed this all my life, cool, I love it.


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That is really beautifuil gadget BriteSweep The Brighter way to clean,m,life is beautiful that product and It is beautifully designed and it's kind of its own,,Thanks for share with us.

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