Digital Ocean - Cloud computing platform built with simplicity in mind

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Digital Ocean

Cloud computing platform was built with simplicity in mind


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Hunter's comment

DigitaloOcean's cloud hosting servers are easy to use, dynamic and offer an array of features for both amateurs and professionals.

A new server can be deployed and preinstalled with any specific well known package with the click of a button. The same is true for scaling when the server runs out of capacity.

Payments are on a pay-as-you-go basis. Flat fees were you only pay for actual usage. A server can be turned off and no charges will be made.

In addition DigitalOceans hosts a grand library of detailed tutorials for setting up and configuring servers for most of the common use cases.

Servers are called Droplets and deploying one has the following workflow.

  • Select operating system
  • (Optional) Select one-click apps like LAMP
  • Set Droplet size (CPU, SSD and Transfer)
  • Choose data centre region
  • Add SSH key

I use DigitalOcean's Droplets myself to host my various projects. Easy to use, no unexpected surprises and never had any issues.



Hunter: @steempytutorials

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Very good hunting @teempytutorial, this product is simply great this may be the future of servers. Here is my comments on PROS and CONS.


  • It has a good graphic interface, plus its registration is simple and totally free.
  • You can link your cents GitLAb, Docker, Slack, WeWork, sPlunk>.
  • Work dynamically with your projects, that is, all the changes you make will be reflected in the servers instantly, in addition you have a preview before updating them.
  • Unlike other servers DigitalOcean charges you for the use you give it, that is, if you use it little, you will pay little.


  • None for this hunt.

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