Blocktivity - The real value of Blockchains

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The real value of Blockchains


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Blockchains and their cryptocurrencies are a new technology which is known for being volatile when looking at their market cap. Another way to look at Blockchains is by their usage through transactions.

Blocktivity offers live transaction statistics about the most used Blockchains in the ecosystem. And in addition a Activity Valuation Index (AVI) is given which is an index that compares the activity and market cap of a Blockchain to that of Bitcoins to determine a relative index value.

All in all Blocktivity offers a great additional way for looking at which Blockchain might be interesting to get to know more and see how it is developing over time.



Hunter: @steempytutorials

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I have alwasys said that I would Hunt Bloctivity but I keep forgetting.

It goes a long way in showing Blockhains based on Capacity. It is a good place for Devs to review Platform Applications to build on, but I believe that Investors should not use the data there to make Investment decisions as there are various other things that determine the value of a coin.

Hunt On

Very good hunting @steempytutorials, this tool allows you to have another perspective of the price of your favorite cryptos. Then I will leave my personal opinion about this game.


  • It has a nice graphical interface and is very easy to use since it does not even ask you to register.
  • Compare prices of all enchanges, also it takes an average price of all the cryptos according to your transactions.
  • Shows a detailed analysis of the main cryptos, daily losses and gains etc.


  • Although the cryptomercado is quite volatile I do not think that this tool of an exact price of the crypto since there are many equations that take care of that and this page only takes statistics of transactions which seems absurd to me.

PS: Personally I believe and it is more than proven that the price of cryptocurrencies is dictated by the great miners. Since it does not suit them to have it very high so that they do not find so many active miners and not so low as to not be able to make profits above their production cost.

Hi @steemptytutorials,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

PS: I personally think that the short description is deceptive or clickbait. Blocktivity’s platform looks at the capacity blockchains have. More capacity may actually result in lower value, especially when no PoW is involved.

The key of for example BitCoin is its complexity, complexity also giving a real value to a token because of the average production cost. If BTC drops below $5k many miners will leave and the complexity will drop, making the actual mining cost lower.

I like Blocktivity, but Blocktivity is small in scope and there’s many more blockchains out there - some with very large capacity as well.
Example: Ripple.

Yet while Ripple has capaicity, it doesn’t matter on its value. Even less so because technically it’s a token created to be burnt. 🤷‍♂️

TL;DR: Blocktivity is cool but it has much less value than just a vanity badge. And it has no value whatsoever when it comes to determining the “real value of a token”.

Great hunt


  • Gives live transaction status
  • Compares development of blockchain over time
  • Easy to learn
  • None

Best wishes

Lovely Hunt, Hunter.


  • This platform present a clear picture of the value of various coins that are available for trade.
  • Peoples are able to observe the projects that most people get into easily.
  • The platform has the best predictive indicator of the value that you could gain from a particular coin.
  • This platform surely give investors a clear picture of which is the best.


  • Nothing for this hunt and i am a big fan of Blocktivity.

this is way cool, thnaks for finding it.


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