WALLOR - Smart Wallets + Wireless Phone Charging + Real-Time GPS+

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Smart Wallets + Wireless Phone Charging + Real-Time GPS+



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Imagine you lose your wallet, passport, IDs and some other such valuable things? I know it's really painful and you don't want it to happen to you but this happens and it's very painful. Someone came up with a great solution that I'm presenting here with the help of GIFs and Video:


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Hunter: @steemit.lover2


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I watched the video and i must day, this is awesome. It offers a lot and the ability that i can get my wallet tracked is something that really captured my attention. This is indeed a smart wallet. Will want to get hold on one..

Warning!!! You may lose both your wallet and smartphone 🤣🤣🤣 Joking. The concept is brilliant!

Wow this thing is really amazing!!!
WALLOR has wirless phone charging and smart wallets.
Amazing hunt! and good luck!

I've put a lot of different products in my wallet, and I've seen a lot of similar products, but I think they have the most functions.


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WALLOR is awesome hunt you created @steemit.lover2

WALLOR is multi tasking and multi feature product as Smart Wallets + Wireless Phone Charging + Real-Time GPS. Great sharing so keep hunting.

This is the perfect wallet. Use your phone to look for your wallet. Use you wallet to look for your phone. This lessen the risk of losing your valuables. The wireless charger is an awesome feature as well. Great hunt!

Wuao, this is a wallet that every man would want to have, an excellent gift for my husband. And for me because it has hahaha gps. Excellent hunting

More and more stuff is being combined into these devices. Pretty soon the chargers will be able to do all the phone or tablet can do.

Wallor is a smart, wireless charger and a wallet with GPS. It's impossible to lose your phone or any of your things. Wonderful product.

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