The Hackrod La Bandita - The 1st Ever Car Designed in VR and Printed in 3-D

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The Hackrod La Bandita

The 1st Ever Car Designed in VR and Printed in 3-D



Hunter's comment

A digital manufacturing startup for vehicles has partnered with Siemens to create their dream sports car aiming at revolutionizing the customization of vehicles through latest digital ways like AI, 3-D printing and VR. La Bandita is their proof of concept. They want to give the car enthusiasts the complete freedom of creating their dream car while participating in the process from start till end. It would be like designing a car in a video game and then having it parked in your garage.




Hunter: @steemit.lover2

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You're showing the quality that stands out in the contest! Let's leave the boat thank you. Good luck with winning this contest!


Awesome hunt,

wow, this looks really cool. The VR part caught my attention, it's good to see how well virtual reality has evolved. This is a great find, well done.

Hi @steemit.lover2,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

They definitely choose an interesting name for the first VR 3-D car that said I like that 3D printing has moved far enough to start building actual cars :)


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