Origami Bag - The World's Most Transformable Bag

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Origami Bag

The World's Most Transformable Bag



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Origami Bag is the ultimate transformable bag ill date and this will entirely change the way you have been using bags previously. Here is how the campaign describes it:

A business bag carrying your laptop PC or Macbook.
A gym bag carrying workout gear, a towel, and your yoga mat.
A grocery bag that folds to fit into your pocket.
A camp bag, travel bag, or dopp bag for on the go.

One bag that fits all of your activities!

This is the so far the best example of one bag with several use cases.


You can pre-order this bag at discounted price as it's being crowdfunded at Kickstarter. If you want to check more details on it, the rewards packages, you may check it here.




Hunter: @steemit.lover2


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Wow, what an amazing innovation, I have never ever seen something like this, the way this bag is transferable is really out of this world. it can carry almost everything that you need to take with you while going out, your laptop, your wallet etc etc. The price is also highly affordable. I hope this project will get a lot of support from kick starter.

One of the best Kickstarter projects I've seen in the recent times. I'm impressed by the massive utility of and it's always nice to see a great patented technology that solve a real problem. The biggest deal of them all is the $18 price. Its certainly worth every penny unless there is something off with durability which seems less likely.

This project deserve way more backer. Hunters, please support a good project like this one!


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