Permanent Magnet Generator - Wind & water portable power generator

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Permanent Magnet Generator

Wind & water portable power generator



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It becomes really difficult to fully enjoy campaign if you're mentally preoccupied with the fear of losing your connection with the world due to unavailability of sufficient electricity. If you've been facing this problem and wanted an efficient and affordable solution in this regard, then ENERCAMP it is!


Generator starts working at wind 1.5 m/s and reaches a maximum power.

Its low weight of 6.2 kg makes it comfortable to carry in long trekking in the mountains.

Power range 1 kW, 2kW and 3 kW

Generator output voltage 24 VDC

Inverter output 110 VAC 60Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz


In my view, this is a must have device for camping and can take the overall camping experience to the new heights.



Hunter: @steemit.lover2

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"Permanent Magnet Generator"

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Thank you.

Hi @monajam, Thanks for your review and input. I changed the title of this hunt as guided. Please take another look. Thanks.

Cool hunt @steemit.lover2 The perfect gadget to have when traveling / camping / caravaning ! Definitely need one. Sometimes its also good not to have electronics with you when camping such as a smart phone or laptop. Great layout and really informative!

Keep up the hunts and enjoy the day @steemit.lover2

If am not mistaken it generates electricity using wind, cleaner energy, easily movable and produce just the right amount of power needed to power our gadgets

This should be really helpful in this modern age, were we spend majority of our time online and staying without power is really hard.

Nice Hunt

WOW.... It is best camping item. i am wondering this item price. if i have opportunity to buy it, i', very happy. may be my wife & son will be happy too.!!

This is one lovely product for outdoor camping trip. One can generate sufficient power supply for electrical needs. Sustainable and clean energy from the wind or water flow.

You're showing the quality that stands out in the contest! Let's leave the boat thank you. Good luck with winning this contest!


Lol. I liked the pic. Thanks for your input.

Very nice Hunt!! An portable wind generator that works with very low wind speeds, and amazing power range (3Kw)!!
Thanks for sharing this!!!

you cant carry it in your backpack but definitely portable it is. I am glad these kind of products are starting to pop up more everyday. Certainly a good hunt!

Electricity is very necessary for the age we need. Because sometimes when we go to camp, we need electricity. Permanent Magnet Generator solved this problem for us.

impressive hunting, no doubt this can revolutionize the world, when we go camping what is needed is electricity, and with Mobile Generator for Camping we can solve this problem in a simple way just by having a little wind or a stream where you run the water will have the basic electricity, and not only serves to camp, it would also go very well to people who live in remote areas where there is no electricity, of course taking it to a larger scale, could supply complete family homes, it really is a great hunt

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