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Travel safely on your bike



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The stats about bicycle accidents are shockingly very high. One big reasons for this high score is the absence of light while your ride on a bicycle. This is a big problem as nothing can compensate a human life.

Though there are already different light systems available in the market but someone just created a very innovative system keeping the problem in view. The system is called directional led lights system for cyclists.


4 different modes
Up to 100 lms of power
Water resistant enough for rain
Duration of the battery 8-12 hrs
Micro USB rechargeable battery
Adjustable nylon straps
Available in green or black colors


More details are given at Kickstarter.




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That's unbelievable, so easy and so safe, but I've seen it for the first time. Even the cardriver recognizes the change of direction. This is the best hunt I've seen, steemit.lover2. Thank you: D

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