BIOrescue - Bio-refinery to recover mushroom compost for bio-products

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Bio-refinery to recover mushroom compost for bio-products



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The Project

To satisfy consumer demand for mushrooms, European farmers use over three million tonnes of compost each year. Though the compost contains valuable organic components, it is only suitable for one to three mushroom harvests, and disposing of it creates significant economic and logistical problems for Europe’s farmers.



This novel bio-refinery idea is aimed at recovering vast amount of mushroom compost and converting it into bio-products like:

  • bio-pesticide
  • biodegradable nano-carriers for drug or fertiliser encapsulation
  • bio-based horticultural fertilisers

My Feedback

I believe, this is a great idea and can use vast amount of mushroom compost into valuable bio-products that will not only help in the betterment of economy but also that of environment.




Hunter: @steemit.lover2

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Nice hunt mate, another novel and useful idea to make bio fertilizers. This is great approach to make any waste useful.

I like this hunt and the product itself which you shared here, the goals are so important definitely

This is a great step in the engineering of sustainable biologics, its process is the product.


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Thank You @pialejoana. Hunt is on.

Its a great idea. I hope this project will make the waste useful think. Great hunt. @steemit.lover2 thanks for your hunt. Keep it up.


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