Aquatec Orca Bath Lift - Prevents Elderly or Disabled From Fall

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Aquatec Orca Bath Lift

Prevents Elderly or Disabled From Fall


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In old age, it become very difficult to have movement actively. So, when it comes to taking a bath, one can't enjoy it to the fullest. keeping this problem in mind, Invacare has manufactured something that has nice design and seamless functionality to allow the elderly people or patients to have their perfect bath with full control without having the need of someone to be around for help. Aquatech Orca Bath Lift can help save the elderly or disabled from fall in the bathtub and also removes the back strain by giving them the most suitable posture.


  • Maintenance free actuator,
  • Powerful and quiet
  • High backrest with contoured neckrest
  • Easily foldable
  • Backrest can be reclined up to 40°
  • Patented





Hunter: @steemit.lover2

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Hi @steemit.lover2,

Thanks for your hunt. I assume you submitted it because some pool lifts have been accepted already. To be entirely honest, They are products we like because they serve a functionality. But we do not necessarily approve of the so-called catalogue writing where hunters who otherwise don’t find products just look for more of the same.

Show me, show us you can do better with future hunts. Steemhunt is as such not a product database for daily entries, we are a product discovery platform. In which the discovery isn’t about people finding yet another writing ticket to be rewarded for.

Your hunt is on but I do expect a switch in orientation from you.

Hi @fknmayhem, Thanks for your valuable input. I'll put more effort and dig deeper to bring here better hunts next time.

:point_right:I'm sure your hunt is "Undervalued". So i decided to give support. I hope it will be at least on top 100 today:point_left:

I have an elderly, my grand mother, hmm,,, and when i bath her, maybe this device will help me more.

Thanks a lot @calprut. I hope your grandmother finally feels relieved while taking a bathe.

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