Kodak Dock - A Portable Wireless Printer that use your phone as a console

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Kodak Dock

A Portable Wireless Printer that use your phone as a console





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This is a quite useful product if you need to print your photos immediately during outside or if your job requires stuff like this , it will be definitely useful. As a customer I was using printers 10 years ago and I don't feel the need of it for a long time and there are some major pros in this product that separates this one from other products , first one is it uses your phone as a console and when you are printing photos it also charges your phone so 2 birds with 1 stone. The quality of the printing is good it will definitely satisfy you if you are not going to print detailed maps or plans. It mainly specializes in printing photography. The price is pretty convenient for a useful device like that , however the material its using is not that cheap and as far as I understand the printing is pretty slow but if you want to make a job done it will definetely do its work.




Hunter: @steeminator3000


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Pros: Portability is the best advantage, and Water Resistance is great.
Cons: The printing speed is low.


cool technology.
can let you use your phone to interact with this wireless printer

nothing I can see


  • Smart, small and good looking product
  • It is transportable
  • Works out of the box, comes with paper and stuff


  • Just for photos or small cards based on size


  • Such a great hunt! This may be the first product that can print photos directly from your phone. It is highly portable and also offers a good quality printing
  • Will also serve as a wireless charger. I just hope it can charge the phones fast


  • This may not be a wise product to select since people rarely print photos nowadays

Pros :

  • it's very cool stuff, you don't have to go to the nearest photo stop to have those photos printed as you can print on your own
    -it's very handy and portable. You can bring it anywhere
    -it is water resistant
    -good quality printing

Cons :
None for this product


New tech with this wireless printer can use phone as remote
water resistance and nice design


First read the title thought it's a printer has a size of a phone :)


wireless and let you connect from your phone
quite convenient this way to print for small tasks

none from me

Wow, it looks great


  • portable and compact
  • easy to use(connected by bluetooth?)
  • water resistant
  • wireless
  • good enough photo quailty


  • Non for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt

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Sure I will check in other hunts to become good in this matter

Another great product hunt @steeminator3000!
See my personal review below :

Pros :

  • You can bring really quick and easy
  • Print photos on a 4x6-inch size photo
  • You can dock your smartphone into the printer which integrates and print with just pressing a one-touch button
  • It does includes paper and ribbon set
  • Does not need maintenance
  • All you need is just one cartridge for all kinds of colors which is really convenient for users
  • It provides long lasting print outputs

Cons :

  • This kind of printer is really great. No cons for this product.


  • being portable is the best thing on this device
  • water resistance is good for it
  • I think it's also not as big as the real printers so it's another good point.


  • None

That’s a cool technology that I missed and can be really useful for photographers. Thanks for sharing!


Like this portable wireless printer that makes life a lot easier.
support different devices.
easy control from phone

a little pricey

Sick piece of tech right there!

I remember the old days... taking the films to the photography shop for them to print 😅


quality of printing
cool design
size is good enough for 4x6 inch

price is a little pricey.

Great find. I'm planing on buying some printer for photos and this definitely looks like something I would buy.

Technologically very helpful, some designs in Poto and other mantras, through this machine @steeminator3000
Exceptional reach, thanks for the science information.

• very useful for outgoing worker.
• easy to make photo
• very handy and portable. Bring it anywhere.
• Nothing.

Pros :

  • Have a simple design
  • Light and easy to carry

Cons :

  • Be a little expensive

I think I have seena this before on a Facebook ad. Such a cool product. Love it.


wireless printer is handy and portable.
save time to go to store to print stuff.
app support multiple platforms.



Another amazing technology for photographers. This is my overall review of the product base on the specs.

  • It is very handy and portable. You can bring everywhere.
  • You can print on your own and good quality of printing output is a plus for professional photographers and hobbiest as well.
  • It is water resistant, No need to worry from splash or accidentally drop in the water.


  • We rarely print photos now a days.
  • It might be an expensive product fo a printer

this stuff is cool .. it has a dual purpose while your pirnting your phone is charging .


  • Fast and easy to use device
  • Just dock your phone and print it
  • Easily portable


  • Only 4x6 inch prints so not really useful for documents (but maybe also kodak is not a company for this..)


  • Small, portable size to carry it everywhere it's needed
  • It is water resistant, but who carries it next to the water?
  • Great product design / look


  • Can't print A4


  • Easy to use and get started
  • I like the idea of the product
  • This will have a nice impact


  • Limited target group

Awesome hunt here!


  • Best for students, office workers and businessman
  • Quick and easy instructions
  • Lightweight, even your smartphone can do this
  • Brilliant app for printing and editing photos


  • None that I can see here . Works great!


  • Portable and Compact
  • Hard Copy of your photographs on the go
  • Water resistant
  • Great quality print
  • One Touch Print, Fast Output


  • None as per my opinion

pros :

  • This is a convenient technique.
  • This is very simple.
  • This can be used by anyone.

cons :

  • This causes consumables costs.

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I am a Kodak PM-210B owner. I hate Kodak products. Because they don't provide the consumables. Papers and the cartridges are super hard to find after you purchase the device. They force you to buy a new device after a while. Stay away!


Great Great good good