Steemhunt IEO 3rd Round, and Finally Listing Confirmed at Daybit Exchange

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Our 3rd IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) for HUNT token has finally arrived at Daybit exchange, and we are thrilled to announce that the HUNT token will be listed for the first time. Event prizes worth a total of $12,000 are also prepared for both STEEM/SBD depositors and IEO participants.

Daybit - The Most Undervalued Global Exchange

Daybit was launched on October 10, 2018 by Chain Partners, one of the biggest companies in the blockchain scene with an equity fund of $13M.

Chain Partners is not just an exchange, but a complete crypto finance company that has many killer business functions and applications. CoinDuck, the world first offline payment service using Ethereum run by the company, is included in the built-in crypto wallet of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone - Galaxy S10.

Because of its big name mother company, Daybit initially reached the top 12 globally for the first month. However, their token model did not meet the market needs, so it failed to secure the market value of Day token (it’s own exchange token), which led to huge drops in their trade volume. Now they are preparing for a complete new strategy revision during April - May.

We have strong confidence that Daybit will rebound to the top 50 within this year, and even the top 20 next year for three reasons:

  1. Although Daybit’s volume has shrunk, its name is still incredibly famous in South Korea. This means that it will be far easier to call back their original investors when they provide the right solutions.
  2. The base technology and its user interface of Daybit is top level. They are one of the few exchanges that has its own wallet solution.
  3. Daybit has a high vision for Steem blockchain and SMT platform. Listing STEEM/SBD was just the beginning compared to what they will try with Steem blockchain.

Screenshot 2019-03-27 05.59.09.png
(Day token price has already started to spike since they listed STEEM/SBD and announced Steemhunt IEO)

Daybit’s New IEO Platform - Steemhunt First Onboard

Daybit is launching its first-ever IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) platform, and Steemhunt will become the first project. This IEO will have two separate rounds as follows:

[Round 1 - Day Token Only]

  • Date: April 1st, 2019, at 13:00 (KST) - April 5th, 2019, at 24:00 (KST)
  • Swap currency: DAY
  • Price: 0.02 USD per HUNT
  • Bonus rate: 20%
  • Bonus lock-up period: 60 days

[Round 2 - STEEM and Other Tokens]

  • Date: April 8th, 2019, at 13:00 (KST) - April 12th, 2019, at 24:00 (KST)
  • Swap currency: STEEM, BTC, ETH, EOS
  • Price: 0.02 USD per HUNT
  • Bonus rate: 14%
  • Bonus lock-up period: 90 days

You can find out more about the IEO at Daybit -

Listing HUNT Token, Beginning the HUNT Journey

(source - Daybit exchange)

After finishing all IEOs, we will list HUNT token at Daybit exchange for the first time. There are many reasons that the primary listing on Daybit will give positive momentum for the upcoming token listing strategy.

  1. Daybit will call back a large number of the original investors (and it is already happening at this moment), and HUNT will become one of the major tokens to trade/invest.
  2. When Daybit successfully revives during the journey of HUNT token's success, this will increase attention from other big exchanges. We believe that this is a far better strategy than just listing HUNT by paying huge listing fee and becoming one of the low volume alt coins.
  3. Daybit has an exceptional exchange API that the Steemhunt team can utilise for the creation of company's payment solution for the Reviewhunt project. We have an exciting plan to connect the demand from companies directly to link with Daybit transaction, which will bring stable token demands.

We have many other exciting plans too, and we will announce them very soon. Please sign-up to the Daybit exchange, and stay tuned for the upcoming news!

Daybit exchange -
IEO announcement -


I am so excited that steemhunt is listing on exchange first time and Reviewhunt is coming. Great Work.. Congrats to all team!!

i'm so so glad that i backed you guys and spent my time in your team so far, it brings me joy to BACK the right horses -- ethics, focus, ability, it's been quite stunning to watch! :)

How long is Daybit, and is there primary goals..this my first time of hearing of Daybit?

Yeha man no one here uses daybit, anyway we can have you guys actually use the exchganges we steemians actually use?

Why not use to create and list a steem-hunt token and support a steem based project instead of some exchange no one has ever heard of?

Stem Hunt has come to the market, it must be happy news. But there is nothing to be surprised and upset. In my knowledge, turning the money of the financial leader in this way creates a convenient market. Revealing news to all is a serious matter. Because it is very important to know the news before applying the benefits

I am trying to understand that you are encouraging the commenter and are happy with it. Even small commentators like me could not avoid your eyes. It is very curious to me. God shows you the right path . Thank God and you .

This is a super duper news for hunt holders......

when trading is expected to start for HUNT token on daybit??


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Great job @steemhunt team from the start it was noticed you guys where professionals, thus it is no surprise to me steemhunt is becoming a known name as a great dapp on the steem blockchain.

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Daybit has an exceptional exchange API that the Steemhunt team can utilise for the creation of company's payment solution for the Reviewhunt project. We have an exciting plan to connect the demand from companies directly to link with Daybit transaction, which will bring stable token demands.

Looking forward to this roll out.
Great 👍🏼 work. @SteemHunt

Wither SMT? @ned @andrachy?


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What? Lol literally your message is just all hype! Do you even understand what an SMT even is?

Daybit? Probot? What are all these weird exchanges and why are peopel so 'excited" about some token based on steem when STEEM isnt even ready to go mainstream,....

and @dan Larimer is now saying Steemit's time is running out?
Dude nah, just nah this is all hype @steemhunt

can you release some videos about steem first and promote steem before you start launching new coins ?

and @dan Larimer is now saying Steemit's time is running out?


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Thank You @steemhunt I am Happy I got involved from the Beginning.........

so tell me man, what is this thing all about? How do people justify buying some token on an exchange loosely associated with steem when steem doesnt even HAVE any SMTs? Why isnt this on the steem-engine exchange that is the only pre-SMT sort of stee,m token system we have so far?

Why isnt anyone here worried about Dan Larimer 's messages?

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Helo @steemhunt I appreciate on your hunt post.

why daybit hasn't Pakistan country for phone verification i need it

Please contact Daybit customer support for that regards.
I heard that they have a list of countries they can’t accept due to some legal issues


Good news for all Steemhunt holders. Thanks for this information.

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Congratulation on the listing ! path the way for the chain. steem on !

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why is daybit exchange not opening for me.

Do you get any errors?

The daybit app and the website don't open for me. I dont get any error on the app but it keeps searching and never opens. For the website it the says the site cannot be reached.

Just forwarded your issue to Daybit dev team. Will reply on this when they get back to us.

With steemhunt token being listed on Daybit and eventually, for IEO, am damn sure that hunt token as come to stay. These South Korean exchange platform will definitely giv3s hunt token strong back up.

Well done guys

Best of luck guys, steemhunt breaking boundaries and much more to come 💪

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HT getting bigger and bigger by the day. This is some great news, I also do hope for mass adoption. All hail the Hunt Token team

You came, you saw, and you conquered!

Congratulations 🎊🍾🎉🎈

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Can anybody tell me the advantages and disadvantages of #DaybitExchange

Great news!

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Hi. I liked your post, keep it up. I wish you good luck and have a good day, and of course you can also get a big jackpot :)

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:

Congratulation on the listing, I hope that in the future it will continue to make new breakthroughs!!

hola excelente dame un voto gracias

this is good...

Nice! It's happening

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Oh yeah!
Another great update!
More power!

Steemhunt making waves

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A very good new idea, this will change the future, we will continue to do it. Thank you for this great news

After finishing all IEOs, we will list HUNT token at Daybit exchange for the first time.

It would be wonderful if a time frame for the listong would be presented to us so we can arrange our trades better.

Exact listing schedule is still in discussion, but it will be around April - May.

Glad to see the community grow so fast!

I am matin please votes me and reply

I am matin
please votes me and reply


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