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Water, Exercise, Sleep App



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PureSalud app contains everything for a healthier life, water, exercise, and sleep features.

The "Water" feature will help you improve the intake of water by reminding you when and what amount of water to drink.
With "Exercise" you can create your own personalized routine of exercises and schedule them for the days you want, also create reminders for when to do them.
With "Sleep" you would know how much sleep you need for your age and how many hours you were asleep. Also, it can remind you when you should go to bed to get the needed hours. This feature integrates with the health app on your iPhone, so you can see your sleep analysis on the health app.

PureSalud app is available for ios, each feature costs $ 0.99




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This app has many features, who are serious about their health may consider this app on their smartphone.

Lots of people will be making their New year's resolutions soon and at the top of everyone's list is getting healthier. This looks like a good app to encourage you to get enough sleep.

drinking water, exercise and sleeping hours playa very important role in everybody's life to keep yourself healthy n fit... this app is very much useful to record your activities... but that the most disappointing part is it is only of ios users...😏 anyways it's an useful app...
thanks for sharing..
keep hunting always..

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