Varanida - An ad blocker that rewards "VAD" tokens

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An ad blocker that rewards "VAD" tokens



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Do you hate website ads? Do you love earning cryptocurrencies?
Well I have one product for you - VARANIDA!

It is a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox that block ads just like uBlock or AdBlock but with rewards! You get to earn VAD or "Verified Ads" token for every advertising you blocked on the web.


How cool is that?

According to their website, Varanida acts as an enabler and a neutral actor in the advertising and content marketplace, taking less than 1% commission. Varanida allows advertisers, publishers and other actors to build on-top of the"Verified Ad Protocol".


So basically, the guys who developed this wants to fairly compensate everyone - the publishers, the advertisers, and most of all, the users for our online activities.

You can test their prototype by downloading it here. It already has filters which you can choose in the settings page so you can start blocking those Titan Gel ads!


And if you're feeling generous, you can use my address as a referral : 0xd1d97baec4acbef0369eb4aa2b375d5e735009c5



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