Cryptonite by Metacert - A security browser add-on for cryptocurrency enthusiasts

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Cryptonite by Metacert

A security browser add-on for cryptocurrency enthusiasts



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My hunt for today is a security extension available for Chrome and Firefox. It's called Cryptonite developed by Metacert to protect web users, particulary cryptocurrency enthusiasts by verifying crypto related websites and blocking all known phishing sites, pages, and social media accounts.

If you have invested in cryptocurrencies and have assets in differrent platforms, wallets, or exchanges, then I suggest that you install this plugin now.

It works by effectively doing two things:

  • It blocks known phishing sites. In case you received and clicked a link from an email or telegram, Cryptonite will work and block the website if it's a phishing attempt. So instead of a page asking for your private keys and seed words, Cryptonite will show you this:

Great, but there's more:

  • It verifies a legit crypto site. After installing the software, A small black shield Icon will be added to your browser toolbar. Every time you visit a crypto website "verified by Metacert", the shield will turn to green indicating that you are on the real website. If it remains black, please proceed with caution.

To know more about how Cryptonite works, here is a demo video.



Hunter: @st3llar

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Thanks for visiting my page, i read your article, i think this extension muat have installed for every cryptocyrrency enthusiast

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