Keen - Awareness Bracelet for Unwanted Behaviors

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Awareness Bracelet for Unwanted Behaviors


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Hunter's comment

You can't change what you don't know.

Keen is the world's first smart awareness trainer and subconscious behavior tracker.

This device senses your behavior and sends a vibration.
It will help you develop awareness and take control of your subconscious behaviors.
There are for example : hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting, thumb sucking

How to use Keen

  • First, you train you Keen by teaching Keen your unwanted behavior.
  • Keen will remember the action and whenever you try to do it, it will vibrate.
  • Repeating over time, your brain will be retrained from the unwanted behavior.

You can customize every behavior that will be taught to Keen.
The progress will be synced to your smartphone.
By identifying your behavior patterns and triggers, Keen can act more intelligent in such situations.



Hunter: @ssb3304

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pros :

  • This is an innovative technology.
  • This is an amazing technology.
  • This is a convenient technique.
  • This is very simple.

cons :

  • None


  • It can helps to prevent or take control of your habits like hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting.
  • It is also help you to be always aware on the things you dont want according to your setting.
  • It is very fashionable and stylish and the bracelet design is very simple it is really a plus for me.
  • It also help you to identify your behavioral pattern
  • It is highly recmmended for your friends or relatives which suffer self-distructing activities or mannerism illness to help them be notified


  • No LED like smartwacth fitness tracker


really interesting and innovative product .
notice you for unwanted behaviors
cool design

nothing really

congrats you are [verified]

whoa, really interesting. not seen anything like this.

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Pros :

  • Can helps you take control og your hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting
  • It does vivrates when the system detects your custom gestures which wakes you up
  • You are always aware on the things you don't want according to your settings
  • Helps you indentify your behavior patterns and triggers them
  • You can simple adjust detection rate and viration intensity
  • Syncs the data to your app to see all your progress

Cons :

  • Kind of a pricey but the product is worth for those who are conscious about their gestures


this bracelet identifies your behavior and notifies you.
you can customize your behavior pattern .




  • You can sync and check all the data to your smartphone application and you can aso track all your progress
  • The simple stylish design is a plus for fashion lover.
  • You can customise the things or function you want in the setting .
  • It can help you to track and identify your behavior base on the behavioral pattern that triggers them.
  • It can helps you take control of your hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting.
  • It also vibrates when the system detects your custom gesture which helps you to wake up.


  • It looks like a bracelet, not a smartwatch fitness tracker device.


this bracelet can prevent unwanted behavior.
the data recorded will be synced to your phone automatically.

price might be the only one con.


  • Can help the user prevent himself from doing his habits that could be detrimental to his physical or mental being
  • Isnt limited to several action snoozes alone. It can be trained to whatever habit or activity you want to be notified for
  • This can also be helpful to people who have peers or relatives who suffer from certian illness to help them notify whether the patient is already doing self-destructing activities


  • This may be a bit pricey but the innovation it brings is totally worth it

• This can help when people want to do evil
• can increase intelligence

• this is a positive thing so there is no shortage


A magical bracelet memorize your behavior and help you work the best.
can trigger based on your behavior pattern.


Pros: Smart AI to prevent from unwanted behaviour.
Cons: Maybe the price is really high.


  • Innovative product idea
  • Many customization possibilities
  • See summary in your app


  • A little bit expensive for me

Pros :

  • this product is the first smart awareness trainer which is helpful to those who wanted to correct their mannerisms like hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting or thumb sucking
  • it comes in stylish design which you can easily wear around your wrist
  • it sends vibrations when your custom behavior is detected so that you will be aware and it will be prevented
  • it is available on Android or iOS application
  • it costs at $149 and $179

Cons :

No cons for this application as it is very helpful to those who wanted to correct their behavioral gestures.

What if I don't want to poop anymore? Would it work for that? Would be strange if someone got it for that. Just saying....


  • It can sense your behavior and sends a vibration.
  • It will help you develop awareness and take control of your subconscious behaviors.
  • You can customize every behavior that will be taught to Keen.
  • All of your progress will be viewed and will be synced to your mobile phone
  • It can act more intelligent in such situations by identifying your behavior patterns


  • Expensive enough for a single watch hehe


*Unique way of identfying what your doing (as per example, nail biting, thumb sucking)
*It just acts like a fashion wear, thats makes it awesome to use.
*Not bulky, its just like you are wearing your watch


*Cost too high for those who can't afford
*Radiation effect to your body


-can pull hair
-the skin

  • nail biting
  • thumb sucking


  • can not slim body
  • can not clean kiles.

How do you get so many upvotes?

Pros :

-Really well thought out product
-Most people can solve their problems, such as nail-biting, hair-pulling
-The product is very cool. So it's a very good accessory.

Cons :

-Sometimes it may bother to be blocked when you make a move even if you don't want to.
-Such a product should not be so expensive.

Wow, it looks cool.


  • helps us know the awareness and take control of subconscious behavior.
  • small and portable
  • easy to use


  • its design is not cool. It looks like mi-band.

Thanks for your hunt.


  • Essential for repetitive habits that are unpleasant
  • Ideal for compulsive behaviour
  • A wearable device that vibrates and notifies your uncontrolable habits which is a good distractor


  • None as I can see, Price is reasonable and lightweight innovation.

Pros :

It can really increase intelligence
With this bracelet it can really help identify your behavior and then notifies you
Sleek design and has ergonomic
A good essential for repetitive habits to be halted
A not bulky to wear

Cons :

Some radiations that could affect your body


new technology and innovative idea to create such thing
help you keep away habit and keep you healthy



  • completely new, innovative idea!
  • looks very stylish :)
  • iOS and Android avaibility, both is nice!


  • the price is a bit high..

But good hunt!

Very interesting product, and on first view, I thought it was a great idea.

But I do wonder just how much use most people will actually get from it, especially long-term. Will it be another tech device which finds its way to the bottom of your drawer?


  • Anything which helps people with bad habits to overcome them has to be good
  • Good use of tech to solve real world problems
  • Could prove good value for money - depends entirely on value brought to each individual


  • I've bitten my nails a lot in the past, but wonder how something on my right hand would stop me biting the nails on my left?
  • If you do have a bad habit (let's say nail biting), then even if this device helps you overcome the habit, what is it's use case then?
  • Possibly too specialised a device, which would be better suited integrated into a multi-purpose wearable device (i.e. a fitness tracker)

I'm gonna say that this is a very good hunt!

  • you can now take control of those bad behavior and habits
  • as you take control of those behaviors, you can also keep track and see your improvements on your phone


  • A bit pricey
  • nothing else to say unless I get to try it

Pros :

  • It looks very very simple. Simp is the best. Sincerly wearable watch.

  • synces this watch to your phone app. This mean is you can see the progress.

  • this watch make you more intelligent

Cons :

  • This watch price is si expensive. If the price is lower than now, customer buy it more.


use high tech to stop you from keep bad habit.
good design.
record user data automatically.


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Good job, interesting presentation, product advantages, description and unbeatable photos, THANKS for sharing!

우아 축하드려요


  • Sleek design and ergonomic
  • discreet, it will be mistaken for a smart band


  • no other functions, could have watch face etc
  • can be easily implemented into any other smart band
  • no info on battery life