Formata - Secure form submission capturing for all your static sites

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Secure form submission capturing for all your static sites



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I found Formata on the internet and its really interesting. You don't need backend code for many things like forms landig page or surveys. You can do many things and there are also 14 days trial periode.


  • User analysis and emotion analysis
  • Automatic blacklisting
  • Sensitivity points calculation up to 500 characters
  • Free version

Check its website to reach all features.



Hunter: @sopranos

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Two weeks trial version ia enough for ensuring some one to try formata, Will have a look and try some stuff.

User analysis and emotion analysis have good features. There is a 14-day trial period. You don't need background code for many things, such as forms page or surveys. Thanks for sharing.

You mean it is working like a Google Form? We can create survey forms and random forms for our business to get the contact detail. I thing Google form is hard to use then this one. Its a good hunt. I like it

Good luck Mate 😇

A system that can be used without the need for too much code information. Makes secure form submission capture service for all your static sites. Good product.


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