Quasar Framework - Empowering your websites and apps powered with Vue JS

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Quasar Framework

Empowering your websites and apps powered with Vue JS




Hunter's comment

Are you a Vue JS Developer? Make it count, use Quasar for building your apps and websites it is powerful yet a simple tool to make your life a lot easier in developing complex applications, Mobile apps that are made in quasar will look like native. Today's world is improving and technology are vastly growing just like Quasar. Developers must try this framework it has rich features to build awesome apps it is also an alternative for React Native.




Hunter: @sonrhey


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Hi @sonrhey,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on!

Pros: possibility to create in your OWN language / many functionalities, but still easy to use / position of the buttons are placed in a nice order
Cons: price from this app

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