Jibo Robot - A Robot for Home

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Jibo Robot

A Robot for Home





Hunter's comment

Jibo is not just a robot but he is a special companion to you, he can learn things, he can make you laugh by doing his actions. Jibo is equipped with 6 microphones so that he can hear where the voices are coming from and he will look at you that likes he was listening to you, it is also equipped with Advanced Facial and Voice Recognition System and he can learn upto 16 different people. He can also response to some actions if you touch him, (eg. You touch his head, Jibo will shake his head just like a cute puppy).

Jibo Specs:

*Three-axis motor system
*Panoramic vision
*360-degree microphone array
*Touch screen




Hunter: @sonrhey


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Interesting practical use of AI.

  • can learn things and behavior of people based on advanced facial and voice recognition technology.
  • you can run music, radio and news on it.
  • can control the automated devices of home through WiFi.
  • it was on the best invention of 2017 on times magazine, sure it was well tested.
  • make people lazy and addicted :)


  • This will be your best companion whenever you are alone
  • It offers a 360 degree microphone array which is really an awesome thing for a robot
  • It is built with AI so that it can learn new things
  • Would be your travel buddy
  • With built-in face recognition which enables to organized people


  • Only limited number of person it can identify
  • Really expensive

But I would really choose this as my companion! Hopefully it will be getting angry with me hahaha

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