DISK DIGGER - Recover you deleted pictures and files with this andriod app

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Recover you deleted pictures and files with this andriod app



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Looking for that picture that got missing can be very annoying how do i get it back? must you meet an expert? absolutely no.
you can recover that picture by yoir self just by using this app and following the steps in the link below
and guess what,you can also recover other files with this app so what are you waiting for just download this app today and get back all you want, you can actually eat your cake and have it thanks to this app.




Hunter: @sonime


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  • this is something that won't bother you with the ads and would solve your issues of recovering the lost photos
  • after my daughter deleted her selfie pictures from my mobile, I was quite dissapointed. After searching through so many apps, I finally found something smooth to install and recover
  • I had one text file on my mobile where I had stored some cooking recipes and I don't know how I recovered that too. Feeling amazed with this app.


  • some images that I recovered seems to have lost its quality

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