fusion laundry machine - Laundry machine redefined high tech manner

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fusion laundry machine

Laundry machine redefined high tech manner



Hunter's comment

Quiet, cold and warm washing, energy-saving – these are all innovations that have significantly improved washing machines. Haier continues to push the boundaries of design and technology, and the landmark Casarte fusion washing + care machine reflects our commitment to enhancing the overall consumer experience."

When items are placed in the machine, its QNX-based control system and MCU hardware automatically activates, detecting the item type and load weight, as well as analyzing water flow. Connecting with a cloud-based big data system, the high-performance central MCU processor then calculates the data points and intelligently selects the optimal washing cycle, saving water and energy in the process. This also applies to drying.




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sorry it is showing me 100% plagiarism so this has been delisted.

I think this is good for people who are clueless as it takes any thought process out and just gets the job done. If I was on my own and wanted washing done I would have to have one of these machines. Saving electricity and water is very important and I am sure lots of washing machines have similar functions today. i don't know as I don't do the washing lol.

Just try it first

The concept of washing machine has not changed over the years, fusion laundry machine has made a significant difference in production of machine and its functions in compliance with international standards.

You forgot the most important bit of the text:

The Casarte fusion washing + care machine is equipped with deep-UV light for water disinfection, allowing users to save on disinfectant and prolonging the lifespan of clothing. Meanwhile, a variable-frequency heat pump, fan, and one-button click maintain a consistent air flow and temperature, protecting each and every fiber. Military-grade 3D infrared sensors monitor the temperature through 256 points and up to 8 times per second to ensure that clothes dry evenly and without overheating. It also provides air washing and fragrant drying, while its two drums can be used both independently and simultaneously.

  • UV light
  • variable-frequency heat pump and fans...
  • 3D infrared sensors to monitor the temperature in 256 points (up to 8 times per second)
  • air washing (first time to me) and fragrant drying!
  • Dual barrel drums that can run simultaneously or independently...

This is not a simple machine... this is a dream washing machine! Probably the price will also make you dream... that you will never be able to buy it! LOL