Afari - A decentralized censorship resistant social media

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A decentralized censorship resistant social media



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Afari is a decentralized censorship resistant social media that gives people privacy over their data and reward them for posting good contents, on Afari your data is yours and safe. It is secured and easy to use. Afari uses a block star, block chain based naming and storage system.



Hunter: @sola3097

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Well right of the bat it looks to me a twitter version of Steemit, because they say that what you post is "rewarded", this might be considered as a competition for them.

Blockchain bring better world for us, everything can be monetizing with secure data that have risk for everyone before. Afary the new Decentralized platform that will give us better for social media platforms. Maybe it will be my social media to sign up beside steemit. I'll try it, thanks for your Hunt

Hey @sola3097 , thanks for this hunt. I have already signed up for early access.

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