Robot TiKi - an open source robot + Your Welcome semi-Humanoid Robot

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Robot TiKi

an open source robot + Your Welcome semi-Humanoid Robot



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Hunter's comment

Hello, THis is the advanced Robot like a Robot Hope which I posted last day and it has many cool features than him it has some killer features which I will discuss with you. I am also pleasuring my robot is also boosted by influencers, Now come to the topic Tiki Robot it is a semi-Humanoid Robot. ensures you a totally innovative welcome on two levels.

  • A robot in the colors of your brand, for a first differentiating contact

  • A unique welcome for each customer/visitor thanks to the reading of QR codes and NFC badges

It can makes your reception management easier and more dynamic and it is very cool with design.

TiKi provides you with valuable indicators to assess the quality and overall efficiency of your hosting process.



Hunter: @sohel-1

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