SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack - Premium Bag with Solar Panel and 1.8L Hydration Pack

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SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack

Premium Bag with Solar Panel and 1.8L Hydration Pack


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Hunter's comment

In case you will bear a knapsack, should make it as helpful for whatever number things as could be allowed. That is the reason we like element gathered sacks like the SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack, which packages an ergonomic backpack with a high-productivity sun oriented charger and a hydration pack.



Hunter: @sneakin

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I have seen similar back pack yesterday with the price. How much is the cost of this solar charrging backpack?

Great hunt @sneakin

Most of the time I take my backpack with me. Having a solar panel on the backpack is a great idea. Also the design is very beautiful and stylish.

Great Hunt!


Looks like to be the perfect tool for smaller outdoor trips. Love the powerfull solar panel despite it looking quite big - with gadgets like this it is more about the use than the style. There are many out their with smaller panels but the majority of them are just not powerfull enough.

Keep on the good work!

I don't feel like buying it when I look at the design, but I think it's a solar case, so I'd like to buy one as a souvenir. And as we move forward, it may be nothing, but I applaud trying.

WoW the design and style of this backpack is absolutely fantastic, the build in solar panel and USB ports really make it suitable for various activities in addition the price is quite affordable. Great Hunt

When it’s time for camping or where there is shortage of power supply, this will be useful much because it will charge out gadget well to full. It’s high productivity sun oriented.

Nice hunt

Most lovable SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack

Very energizer backpack ! It is very helpul for charging our devices .It can also make electricity and hydrate the water for you . Thank you for this Hunt!

Awesome hunt! best of luck

Sunlabz solar charger backpack is Hydration bag. You can take high power from this bag. It is helpful. and it is ergonomic. Thanks for sharing.

cool bag for solar power, very environmental friendly, must have for outdoor activities or campers, awesome hunt thank you

Another great hunt @sneakin. Solar panel integration is so common nowadays and incorporating it in bags is super great!

Cool bags and great products. the great feature of this oroduk is that it is equipped with a Solar Panel and 1.8L Hydration Package

It's an interesting item. It's interesting that it's charged by solar power. I think you can charge your phone or tablet easily with it. I really like it. Thank you for sharing.

I can say that this backpack is really amazing because it will have almost all of the things that we may need when we go outside and in addition it's quite spacious too. Nice Hunt

Wow.. great hunt.. a bag which is capable of harnessing the energy from the sun.. It is a source of clean and renewable energy, this is what I like from this bag.. if we all can have the capabilities of harnessing these free energy, then the world can be free from those hazardous toxic emission.. I wish that the solar panel used was rugged and can withstand impacts when it bumps to something..

Carrying a charger backpack is a practical way for travellers, or even you are not a traveller. This solar one is also eco-friendly. Awesome hunt.

This backpack is amazing for its unique feature that I've never heard of before. I think such products should get some extra advantage over the others because they're in a way serving the community for generating energy and thus letting every individual who uses them contribute to the overall energy crisis in the world. Great hunt!

I want something like this, it funny tho having renewable energy behind you

Nice idea and hunt

backpacks that can be used for Powerbank who also get electricity from sunlight that is suitable for picnics to the mountains. very useful information. good hunting

Solar is getting everywhere. This can be useful when hiking. If your phone need a charge for example. Having that 1.8L hydration pack is a pro. Nice one.

Great hunt @sneakin this backpack is the perfect gadget to bring for camping. Its a portable charger useful when you need to charge you handphone.

SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack. Its design is awesome and features are great. A must win of today.

Cool idea of a backpack again, since we tend to spend a lot of time outside with our backpack. A solar idea seems a very obvious but brilliant concept. Hopefully it does not weigh much as that will take something off the idea.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

Great hunt mate portable solar panels are becoming a must product for campers like me

They produced stylish, useful and good bag for the peoples. The solar charger bag help you for the your cell phone charging. For other thing also. It is good product for the people. Cool product.

I love this backpack, it can generate electricity and bring water to hydrate you, excellent hunting, a very practical backpack, it helps us to store our things and we also carry water and electricity to charge our devices.

This is one of the coolest backpack iv'e ever seen! Having a solar panel in your bag is a unique idea. You can travel with no worries that you run out of battery for your gadgets because you have a built in electricity. Great hunt :)

For people who are always on the go and at places where it is hard to find power sources, this bag is really useful. You can wear it and charge your gadgets at the same time. Great hunt.

It's really wonderful and helpful backpack. It has a high productivity sun oriented charger and a hydration pack for their users.
Nice Hunt!

Many students are using bag. All family using the simple bag for the children. If they can use the solar bag is benefit for the kids. We should use the benefit of technology. Cool hunt and thanks.

We can go adventure by using this bag. We are not afraid about our mobile phone/ tablet. We can use it and recharge via this bag.
I love this concept so much.

thanks for your awesome hunt!

This backpack looks cool for traveling or hiking. It can generate electricity so user don't worry about the battery. Great product.

very innovative bag,
using this bag will make it easier for us when traveling anywhere without having to worry about our smartphone running out of battery

Good Evening @sneakin

When one goes for an outing or may be for the camping then SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack is more than a blessing. As it provides the solar power and water facility at the same time. On the other hand I can see it has lot of space to cover the various species as well.

Brilliant Hunt for sure :)

This id really great thing that you can carry it on your back and also produce power for your tablet or any device. Technology suprised me again. Thanks for sharing this interesting product.

excellent and very complete, manufactured with top quality materials make this backpack indispensable for travel and adventure, is one of the best I have seen, care but the best, I love your hunting, very good.

The best backpack for campers has an idratation system and a solar panel oriented to the sun so you can charge your gps or any mobile device

Cool product and i like it cause it ensures that our devices stays fully charged every time, even if we are far from home, we can make use of it to make the most of our activities whether we are far from home in the wilderness. Super Hunt

I checked the website and Sunlabz Solar Charger Backpack is the best hunt for me today, maybe it is because of I travel too much. Awesome hunt.

This is no doubt an amazing backpack because it has build in solar panel which allow users to charge their device any time to prevent running out of battery, i think this backpack is extremely useful for travelers. Great Hunt

Good job hunter👏
SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack is a Multipurpose bag which you use to Carry many things and also generate power to charge your devices.
The solar bag also has a nice design

Happy hunting💞💞

Wow, this solar panel charger backpack is great for travelers like me. I can sure make good use of this one for my traveling using the hydration pack there. Cool hunt.

Wow a backpack with 1.8L Hydration Pack and solar system...I think it's a great idea. Congrats on winning the #2 spot.

great backpack perfect to go on a camping trip and enjoy everything knowing that you have light thanks to the solar energy also that helps the environment great hunting men

awesome hunt

It is definitely gonna be very useful and multipurpose tool. Bag, solar charger and hydropack all in one is praise worthy.

A useful backpack to charge our devices anywhere.
But it looks like this backpack doesn't have waterproof, so I think this will be a problem in raining condition.
The price is quite cheap though(67.95).

A useful bag for being a multipurpose item. One bag with many features. I love the fact that it can charge any devices on the go. thanks for sharing!

This great backpack makes it possible to charge your devices everywhere. Charge your devices without the need of electricity thanks to the solar panel in the backpack.

Truth be told, i have seen a lot of all this bag, and i personally think this one is better. any info on the Prize?

Awesome hunt.
Beautiful design.... And it's solar powered. What more can we ask for.

A few years ago solar panels were only on the roof of houses to produce energy. Now we start to see them on several products. This is a great idea because it can catch thr sun easily.

Every time I look at these articles, I realize how great the technology is. I love to see a backpack in which we can load our devices wherever we are thanks for sharing with us

I think I came across this backpack at some other site may be at Kickstarter or Indiegogo or at some Facebook page. However, I had forgot about it and now that you have shared it here I'm really thankful to you because I really liked the product and as a traveler I would like to go for something like this. Shared.

Another backpack at no.1 at @steemhunt? Seems like backpacks trend here nowadays. Anyway, I really liked the one that was posted yesterday and this one too seems equally good. Though different in functionality, it has cool design and multipurpose functionality. I would like to rate it really high.

Ever since I came across this backpack, I fell in love with this hunt because it has got all the right reasons that made me feel like that. This hunt is very innovative and with great features. Full marks!

ow, very nice bag and I like this technology, After some days later while I will get mone from my office, I try to buy this bag.

Das ist doch mal der "beste Begleiter" für Festivalgänger und Partypeople. Bestens ausgestattet, wenn mal wieder der Akku vom Handy streikt, einfach über den Rucksack aufladen 👍und noch mit integriertem Wassertank, dass du beim Tanzen/Feiern nicht austrocknest 😄👍

Solar powered chargers are great and this backpack will be very useful during travelling, trekking and taking walks. Perfect hunt.

What I especially like about this bag is that you can remove the solar panel. You can put it for example during a rest directly in the sun and put the backpack in the shade. Very good hunting for all outdoor friends.

There are so many charger backpacks but I guess Sunlabz Solar Charher one is the best one with its features. Great hunt.

I like this product because of solar pannel and 1.8l Hydration pack. It is good for travelers when your mobile battery is low.This hunt is amazing

Nowadays we all have at least one device and it needs power to charge. This type of solutions will be more produced. Thanks

I like its design and it gives you also solar power to charge your phone. Great product. It has nice features. Thanks for sharing

Almost 5 years I don't use backpack anymore. I have other type of bag with me. Maybe they can make it with solar panel too. Otherwise I will switch to backpack again with this product. Nice hunt

A few days ago I saw similar one and I like them all. Such products with solar energy will become more. Thanks for letting us know and good luck.

We couldn't think such innovations a few years ago. Now they all are in our life. This can also save life in difficult stiuations. I hope the price is affordable. Thanks

This can be really useful on camping or a walking journey. In such stiuations wr all nee extra energy for many devices or things. It has also nice color. Nice share my friend

So, this backpack generates energy through solar rays? Very unique idea. By the way, backpack looks great. I liked this hunt.

I love this charger backpack and it is solar panel. Neat. This is really good for hiking. Thank you for this hunt.

We should all own one of these bags for when the zombie apocalypse come's.

Hey, @sneakin you found innovative and smart bag which will works effectivly and very charge mobile and others things overall great hunt

Impressive hunt! A solar bag suitable for all ages especially to those who travel. A dream bag for all hikers, it is equipped with a solar panel and a hydration pack. Excellent! I will give this a score of 5 out of 5

Coool charger Herr .. We wont have problem charging our gadget again with this

Premium Bag with Solar Pane. A bag of its own kind. Thanks for sharing

Great hunt.
This back pack is so amazing... Charge your gadgets on the move.

Amazing find totally love it. A good gift to the trekkers. Love it man

ow, very nice bag and I like this technology, After some days later while I will get free from my office, I try to buy this bag.


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It sure will be handful one in many cases .
perfect to get one by the way

I love this. You don't have to worry if your phone is out of battery even if you travel far.

great backpack for travelling in the wild that far far away from electricity. love this bag, i think i will buy it someday

Cool hunt, I would use one of those if it weren't always cloudy.

Really awesome hunt "SunLabz Solar Charger Backpack" love its features.