Story Makers - The method and app for memorable pitches

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Story Makers

The method and app for memorable pitches



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Today I want to introduce to you a new product/app known as Story Makers. Story Maker is a tool that you can use to pitch your stories for your brand, social media or blog.

Story Makers will guide you through the whole process by the instructions they give and it is pretty easy to use. You can create a bunch of different types of presentations and those types are listed below. They will surely help you.

  • A teaser for your product launch.
  • Wonderfully created reports of your projects.
  • A success story that your clients or teammates will remember.
  • A pitch for your next prototype.

What is it all about?

If you still don't understand what exactly is it then check out this wonderfully created video from their official website!

Final Thoughts

As always this is a great product if you are a company owner, social media marketer or anyone who needs who need to build their story for their brand. You know what you can do with it! So Start!



Hunter: @sneakin

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Fascinating, I click on a presentation link and got stunned by seeing raw words turned into an impressive presentation.

Keep up working original as you've been asked by the moderator and keep providing us quality hunts.

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I think it is very useful to bloggers to make their stories easily

Lol, the apps is so unique, it will help the story tellers a lot, most especially those engage in spending cool time with children. It will in long way help to ease in story telling.

GOod Hunt buddy.



Great tool for an awesome story idea. It supports and brings about creative and it is very much innovative

Now this will make
short advertisements easy to make without paying any body for it and also to ones taste and inspiration ... Thanks for the awesome hunt


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