Referral Magic - Referral Tracking Software for SaaS

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Referral Magic

Referral Tracking Software for SaaS



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Today I want to introduce a product known as Referral Magic. This product helps us set up a referral tracking system for our SaaS and grow it faster. Over 1450 businesses worldwide are using it and using it they are turning their users into magnets. They also have a facebook group where they help each other, you can join it from their official website.


They have quite a good record. On their official website it says that they have tracked approximately 83,320 referral which is a huge amount! They have around 2,500 conversions and 1,450 companies are using them. As you can see those are some good numbers!


These are some very cool features that will surely convince you!

  • They provide 7 day free trial
  • They have live support
  • Only takes 5 minutes to set up
  • Good record
  • Constantly updating

Official Video

You can check out this video to get further information about the project. Let me know your thoughts!



Hunter: @sneakin

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Wow this is a great software,great to see they provided 7 days trial and they also have a support to attend to people


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Hey, @sneakin that's cool software to track all activity and show graphs and analysis on data of referral that's great


  • 7 day trial is enough
  • Easy to install and use
  • Live support available
  • Continuously updating is coming


  • None


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