Tarus 2×2 - The perfect all-terain folding motor bike

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Tarus 2×2

The perfect all-terain folding motor bike


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Hunter's comment

This all Terrain motor bike is the perfect bike for your hiking and mountainous outdoor hiking.There are certain areas where your cars cannot reach,like the river side hunting sites,this bike offers the ground advantage to its riders due to its all Terrain feature.

This bike is super light weight and easy to disassemble and assemble in a matter of minutes(5 minutes). it will fit perfectly at the boot of your car.

The current price of Tarus 2×2 estimates to $1700




Hunter: @smartlad


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Great hunt @smartlad

A great motor bike that you can use in difficult terrain. It is great to be disassemble and assemble in a short time, so you can take it anywhere with your vehicle.


You got it all @rtonline you could consider pirchas8ng one for yourself


  • Fat tires, fold-able motor bike
  • separate disk brakes
  • 4 stroke, gasoline powered
  • Electric/manual engine start
  • 35 KM per hour of top speed


  • None

One would probably think it would be cumbersome to carry with the way it looks. It got more interesting when with the easy assembling/disassembling feature. You just got boosted. Good luck!


Thank you very much, thats the most exciting feature of this bike.

People who love motorcycles. This product can be used in all terrain. You can even reach unreachable places. You will be happy with this motorcycle.

Motorcycle is a tool that people cannot give up. This motorcycle has many features. Every day a new model comes out. This big and big wheel motor can go anywhere.

The Tarus 2 × 2 is perfectly suited to all terrain conditions. He has a large body and two singles. The motorcycle can be put in the trunk of a car because it has the closing feature. Unacceptable places on the river can be reached on this motorcycle. It's so easy to plug in and take 5 minutes.

Wow hunt amazing bike. It's a mountainous outdoor hiking bike amazing post hunt aND it's price is not a huge

Excellence Motorcycle all terrain:

  • This motorcycle can be used for hiking and mountain climbing outdoors.

  • Can take areas that your car cannot pass.

  • This motor is very light and easy to rebuild in just 5 minutes.

it looks like they stuck an ural motorcycle to a dirtbike and put big wheels on it. i love the design and engineering of it. this motorbike uses big soft tires as flotation devices, and their softness lets it get traction anywhere. The take-apart-modularity is pure genius, and I can't believe both wheels are powered.
I love your hunting on @Steemhunt
Waiting for the NEXT one
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Thanks, I will post another soon

that is so cool


say cool bro, thanks for the comment

Great for all surfaces, land, rock, ice, everywhere. Its a great hunt


Thanks for the appreciation.i will continue hunting here

Amazing motor bike .


All-terain motor bike,truely amazing