Prey Anti Theft - An app that lets you track and find your stolen gadgets

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Prey Anti Theft

An app that lets you track and find your stolen gadgets





Hunter's comment

Tired of being a victim of stolen gadgets all the time? Well, Prey Anti Theft App must be perfect for you.

This is an open source app, thus the features can all be accessed for FREE!

Now, what are the amazing things this app does to protect your beloved gadgets?

  • Protect your devices with single account. Works with different OS. No need to worry if you have gadgets having different OS.

  • Track and find your devices. Necessary informations like IP address, current location, and wifi connections surrounding your stolen or misplaced device can be traced. This can also give you snaps of the person who is having your device.

  • Data Protection. Sure, there might be confidential files that you are afraid of leaking. Prey will let you wipe out those sensitive informations and lock the device down.

Other Features:
  • Geolocation, Signal Strength and Accuracy
  • Will be given signals on where your device is hiding
  • Snaps of the culprit can be taken using your devices' cameras
  • Mark device as missing to receive evidence reports
  • You can hide the Prey App in your devices to prevent culprits from uninstalling it

What do you think about this app? Share your thoughts below.



Hunter: @smaeunabs

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Oops my bad. It's okay. Thanks for the heads up!

Multiple devices in one account
The app can be hidden
Of course, theft protection

There are many other companies that offer exactly the same
The company could track you continuously

Bolt and chain na lang haha! May ibang apps na din na parang ganto. Okay din mga ganto na apps pero di ko pa natry.

This is the first time that I have heard of it. That's amazing to know that this kind of app is being created.