EOSDrops - Automatically Fetch New EOS Airdrops

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Automatically Fetch New EOS Airdrops



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A Collection of EOS.IO Projects "Air Dropping" Tokens submitted by community and verified and curated by EOS So Cal.

An entire, up-to-date list of EOSIO airdropping projects.

One of the main features is that once you've entered your EOSIO account the air drop index will fetch the tokens you are entitled to automatically. The number of token you acquired will be displayed in a new column.

You can register as many EOSIO accounts as you want.




Hunter: @simplymike


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Very resourceful Hunt @simplymike.

Sadly people like left our EOS Tokens on centralized exchanges like Binance are left to Lick our wounds.

As more projects launch on EOS , we will see more and more Airdrops so it is good to have a place like where you can monitor your Airdropped tokens


There was another EOS airdrop launched today: BOID. This one allows you toezrn free tokens, even if you didn't have any EOS at the time of the snapshot. You can find more info in my latest blog post.

Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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Cool, thanks.
I was surprised to discover it wasn't in the list yet :0)

EOS.IO is a promissing project so following its airdrops is important. This product has up-to date airdrop list and it takes the tokens automaticly. So it will help you with this subject and you will have more time for you. Thanks for this useful hunt.


The fact that it fetches a lot of the tokens on autopilot is indeed a nice extra feature. It is something I had never seen before...

Recently I bought some EOS and was looking for a way to go for airdrops. This will help.
Thanks for the hunt.


Inyour case this is the perfect match :0)

This is a great find. I will definitely sign up. (I really did buy some EOS after your last post I commented on.)


You did? Cool! EOS has a promising future... and who knows how many of these airdrops will become successful too :0)

Nice! I definitely need to dive further into the EOS rabbithole while I still have the chance. This looks like a good place to start picking up some airdrops. Thanks @simplymike, nice hunt!


You are welcome. The best thing about this site is that a lot of airdrops are handled for you on autopilot. That's a real time-saver...

Following airdrops isdifficult and you can not trust all airdrops because it can be scam. EOS has great platform with all airdrop dates and other informations and with signing up it can take all tokes automaticly for you. Normally i know EOS that its trustable but i could chouse to claim and store tokes by myself.


Forgive me, but I'm not 100% sure I understand what you are saying. Would you rather store them somewhere else yourself?

They have built a great site, you can find there many informations about airdrops. This can be done even without registering. Signing up will give you more advantege and also claim tokens automaticly.


Jep, nothing but benefits :0)

great hunting this is the best .. so you can participate in the most airdrop in the EOS blockchain


If you register, most of the airdrops are taken care of for you. It's like a 'set-and-forget' system. Some of the airdrops still require you to sign up yourself to claim the token. Which ones that are is indicated on the site.
The one that launched today was one that needed hour personal attention. You can read more about it on my blog

excellent hunting, is a way to organize your information effectively, when you work with the airdrops, who knows that the organization is very important, this facilitates everything, gaining time and gentlemen in this time is money.


I can only completely agree with your statement :0)

Great sharing. This is absolutely can help everyone to get airdrops easily. I am starting to use it now. Cheers


Glad you liked it :0)



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Useful tool for crypto world.


Thanks. It sure is :0)

Cool!, very informative for the EOS blockchain update, thank you and keep hunting!


You're welcome. Glad you liked it :0)

Thanks! This was helpful. It doesn't fully match withh all airdrops shown for instance in the simplEOS wallet. Some are missing on both sides.


Good of you to notice that. I didn't even have time to check on that yet. I will do this instantly tomorrow.

There is never a bad thing about receiving free coins. EOS has huge potential as a platform, any chance to pick up some coins from some of their early adopters is probably a good idea. Good find


There is never a bad thing about receiving free coins

Exactly what I was thinking. And the fact that a lot are taken care of automatically is a really nice extra :0)

Good product I congratulate you, I find it very useful for me and Different people of the world WOOW


Thanks. Glad you liked it :0)

This will help get instant update on new airdrops. Useful indeed.

Really cool find! Thanks for posting this.


You are welcome... :0)

Awesome as always @simplymike. :)


You make me blush, @mudcat36, lol. But thanks.
I only thought it was pretty weird it was not in the steemhunt list already...


  • It will get air drop automatically
  • It have a userfriendly interface
  • It support multiple platform
  • Security is still the largest concern

And not every airdrop is done on autopilot. there are still a couple you need to register for manually

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