Github Debug - Tool for debugging connectivity issues to repo's on github

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Github Debug

Tool for debugging connectivity issues to repo's on github



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If you have ever encountered issues cloning a repo from github then you should find this tool very handy. This site (which is run by can be used to debug network connectivity issues to a repo. In many cases if you have trouble cloning over SSL then switching your remote to clone over SSH should fix the issue, but in cases where this doesn't solve the issue I suggest that you make use of github debug. The site lists a few commands that you can run and a web application that you can use to generate a report on your side which you can then forward to the github support team.



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A tool that debugs when Github has connection problems. If you are having trouble cloning over SSL, this will fix your system problems. Cool hunt and thanks

yeah or just change your remote to use ssh and make sure you have ssh keys setup for your account

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