OnSteem - A Better Interface On The Steem Blockchain

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A Better Interface On The Steem Blockchain



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Hunter's comment

OnSteem is an open source project that offers new applications in blockchain steem. this is one of the interface projects as well as some of the other projects built on blockchain steem. The tool also provides a back-end for its users.

This web application will provide better to:

  • Accessibility to the blockchain steem
  • Better visibility into content and authors
  • A better connection system between accounts
  • A better feed for users
  • Page trending better

This is a project that continues to be developed by developers, so that later there will be some changes in the project to make this web application to be better.

To login to this site you need a stemit account and you can sign in with Steemconnect.

About the project

Link the project




Hunter: @shaphir


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Great hunt, my friend! Here's what I have to say:


  • Make your profile information easily accessible on the dashboard.
  • Allows you to visualize your voting power and bandwidth.
  • The web loads fast and you connect through steemconnect.


  • It has some bugs in it, I guess, because it's a new application. For example, it does not load the posts tab.

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