MobileMan - Wearable Speakers For Your Perfect Active Life!

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Wearable Speakers For Your Perfect Active Life!



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Hunter's comment

MobileMan S1 is a perfect accessory for those who live a very active lifestyle. This speakers allow you to continue your day to day activities without sacrificing your comfort. The speakers work continuously up to 5 hours.


  • Weight: 7 oz. / 200 grams
  • Battery: 3.7V Lithium Polymer 500 MA
  • Battery life: 8-10 hours at mid-volume; 5 hours at max volume
  • Full Charge Time: 30 minutes via Micro-USB
    Bluetooth V4.0
  • Water-resistant
  • 18 in. micro-USB charging cable included
  • High Sensitivity Mic (crystal clear calls)
  • Max Volume: 80-90dB
  • 2x 2.0W speakers
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Early Bird Price

These high quality, weather resistant, wire free and ear free speakers are one of their kind and at this time you can avail the discounted price of $89. Ships anywhere in the world.



Hunter: @shahzblog

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It seems nowadays you can wear just about anything lol, I guess this is where technology has taken us, creative innovations. Interesting Hunt.

Great Hunt!


Really unique design and if you are respecting the other people around you if is for sure worth the money. Just hate those guys playing their shitty music as loud as possible in the metro though. 😤

Keep on the good work!

Nice hunt!
It is great to have so many color to select
I think the price is quite reasonable too
Thanks for the sharing

As I'm very active all day long and all the time with my headphones, these wire free speakers would be great for me and for anyone who like sports. I like the design, also! Great hunt! :)

Mobile Man This is a perfect accessory for living. This speaker allows you to continue your daily activities. The features are very beautiful. Great Hunter.

It's a great technology for an active lifestyle. MobileMan are the wearable speakers that helps you to perform your daily activities very perfectly. With these you can complete your daily routine work without disturbing your comfort. Nice Hunt!

Wearable Handsfree mobile speakers blaring with your favourite music edging you to the finish it

Fantastic design, they are very practical, we can do any type of exercises, without fear of falling, in addition, that gives us a clearness in the calls because it has high sensitivity speakers. Great HUNT

They seem comfortable, I like the way they can be carried almost anywhere their weight is adequate and their price is low

It's cool product. We can bring MobileMan S1 to anywhere. We can workout by listening music. But I guess headset is better than this product.

It would be great to have MobileMan, you can use these wearable speakers everywhere. Awesome hunt.

(1) It can work upto 5 hours continuously.
(2) It is water resistant.
(3) It can be fully charged in 30 mins
(4) It has high sensitivity mic, so calls will be crystal clear.

Thanks you....steem on that hunt.

What a great product, these speakers are magnificent waterproof, without cable and its load lasts 8 to 10 hours. Congratulations for your hunt @shahzblog :)

It's a really interesting item. It will be a good item for people who like sports. I want to buy one, too. Especially, it would be nice to go jogging in the park. Thank you for sharing.

this gadgets is like loading a vest but with music you can run and do your weight exercises with tranquility is libyan and practical so that it does not interfere in your

Great product and i think it is more useful than traditional headphone because it won't blocking out surrounding sounds thus users remain aware of their surroundings. It is important to be able to hear incoming dangers, such as traffic, someone approaching from behind a bell or a warning. Super Hunt.

nice hunt @shahzblog wearable portable speakers? its the bomb! so cool. really a great gadget to have during a jog in the park, biking, and other daily activities. It gives a whole lot of fun.

thanks for sharing!

Great to have these wearable speakers that can last so long. Price is reasonable. Cool hunt.

Nice one.. fits perfectly well and know it would sound obviously well too.
Love the design. On cost it is quite fair enough..
Kudos hunter

Wearable loudspeaker that you can use while exercising, driving, or wandering. Very comfortable to use and high quality and durable.

wearable fitness tracker are a tend now a days and this one looks it has so many functionalities build in. But I feel wearing such a big jacket like device is sometimes a burden, but a nice device indeed.
Nice hunt

This is a great hunt,the product is very useful for anyone that lives an active lifestyle and want to ensure that they keep having a healthy lifestyle without loosing their comfort..the app is easy to download and you can also install it easily and you can buy it at a very good price...

Having a speaker that I can carry it around easily will be super cool. Naturally I hate heavy product and this is a true product that is helpful

Nice! Perfect for every day sports activities or just outside layin there! But does it not get too loud for others? @shahzblog

Nice accessory for the human. It is working arount 8 to 10 hours, very light 200 gr it is gharging fast. bluetooth connection etc. Great hunt.

I love this speaker. Maybe my Boss will love it too. It fits his very active lifestyle and the price is good for all the features it has. Amazing hunt there!

remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

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Busy man and women are you here? because of this speaker. I think this speaker will make your work easier. in work, home, outside, gym etc. Cool product.

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Mobileman is good product for people who were busy. you can talk, call, selling with this product as well as you can listen music. Thanks for hunt.

Yes, I have very active lifestyle and MobileMan is suitable for the people like me. Early Bird price of 89 $is also affordable. Thanks for sharing.


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Such a cool features, I like this product, you can carry the speakers everywhere

Speakers on the go. Genius!


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It is cool when you are with friends, and it will be annoying to others but i find it great specially bonding moments and trying to chill. Nice hunt @shahzblog!