Clinch Electric - The Best Extension Cord on the Planet

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Clinch Electric

The Best Extension Cord on the Planet



Hunter's comment

You might have used several extension cords in your life so you would be pretty much familiar how frustrating, time-consuming and irritating it is to have some accidental unplugging. So, this product Clinch Electric provides you the solution in this regard.

The Ordinary Solutions/The Problem




The creator of this cool extension have launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. There are some nice rewards that you can choose from to pre-order this product.

Early Birds: This package is available for U$$ 12 and will be shipped in Feb. 2019. This is only for US residents.



Hunter: @shahzblog

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I love the twist & lock mechanism just like the Speakon cables for the speakers!
Nice hunt.


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