tribeOS - Most Transparent and Fairer Digital Advertising platform

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Most Transparent and Fairer Digital Advertising platform



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Hi hunters, Today I am going to introduce a blockchain project that will completely disrupt the advertising business. It is tribeOS. Crypto and Blockchain space's big names like Roger Ver, Josh Ellithrope, BitMain, Clay Hebert and more are connected with this project.

TribeOS is not just an idea, they have a working tech behind all this talk. Learn more about this Tech HERE Currently project Token FIRE exclusively available for only accredited investors to buy.

tribeOS is an open, transparent, ad fraud-free digital advertising marketplace delivering Contextually Appropriate Ads People Love™

Project aims to eliminate Ad fraud, Report campaign performance in real time with radical transparency, improve advertiser R.O.I. and to provide publishers with a high revenue share. One more thing this project will use Bitcoin Cash blockchain extensively.

Thank you all for giving me your attention!


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