Tilted - Say Good Bye To Your Mouse And Keyboard

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Say Good Bye To Your Mouse And Keyboard



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Hunter's comment

Gaming is a fun and its not possible for everyone to play games. But no doubt there are millions of gamers in the world and they play regularly. Mouse and keyboards are used to play the games. Sometimes people get frustrated when they missed some button at the critical situation.
So keeping in view someone from the Universe created a great idea. Here is Tilted. It is a PC Gaming wearable.
You wear Tilted and now you can do a command while playing with your head. This is really a revolutionary device for all the gamers in around the world.

Here are pricing of this great device: $47

Video Demonstration:

For more details please click the LINK




Hunter: @shaanivc


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you should include this video on your hunt post @shaanivc

so the other members don't need to visit the kickstarter page

haha love this innovation :grin:, making game easier and more fun.


Thanks a lot dear @calprut for giving me guideline. I am very very grateful to you. Keep smiling!


i hope it will be approved too :innocent:
don't forget to always include the video, so we can check it faster. :grin:


Sure I will keep this tip in my MIND @calprut. Again thanks a lot for guiding me. Stay Blessed!


I guess its better if you change your description title from "mosue" to "mouse" . Its really inappropriate. Regardless of the edits, this hunt is superb and I think I still need my keyboard for gaming. We cant still depend on technology like thits, I mean there are still more room for improvements. xD


Thanks for the support and also for point-out a big mistake.

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Great hunt @shaanivc!

This is awesome, this could improve gaming capabilities on consoles where it's a little bit harder to do things like tilting over the corner.

Im sure it has limited features and functionalities but this is a good and clever product for gamers. I hope it will improve into more cool peripheral device.

Its really a nice invention that we can play games without mouse and key boards. Its will have ease to those who play games. It is a great hunt.

Woow, playing game without keyboard and mouse is very interesting. I like it. We should buy it.

Cool hunt!

This is at another level of innovation. Creating a command with the head while wearing the device sounds unbelievable. Gaming would be massive fun by the time this product goes public. A really good hunt

this is amazing.
this is a new innovation that must be known by gamers around the world.
because currently there are so many new great games that have been competed at the world level. using this technology will help them greatly

Simply great. In the future everyone will use them. I think you get one before everyone else. Probably an opportunity. Some opportunities do not always occur. Hence to miss this product. Perfect product.

It is a great news for all gamers. I am sure it will be more enjoyable to play the games by a belt. 47 $ is pretty affordable for Tilted. Awesome hunt.

Playing games with mouse and keyboard is really frustrating at times and Tilted seems the next level thing in this regard. Epic hunt!

An ideal product for all those who spend their time playing games on the computer. Mouse and the keyboard can be done easily with the movements of this difficult to do. Nice hunt.

I dont imagine playing games without keyboard and mouse. But i guess it would be fun. Great hunt @shaanivc!

The price was very reasonable as I think. You can surprise your kids and surprise them. Such products are of interest to me. For the health also is benefit. You should buy one from this product. Great hunt.

This is a wonderful device and beautiful gift for game lovers in the shape of Tilted. With Tilted you can do a command with your head. It is a wearable PC for gaming. Good Hunt!

is really great the way you can use this product, no doubt this is the future of commutation, ronto we will be like in those movies, the future is now. excellent hunting friend.

now we can play game at ease without having to attach mouse and keyboards , this is really wonderful, the price is also affordable, thanks hunter.

great special product for gamers makes life easier when playing and more since they forget two keys that are generally the e and the great hunt

It's really a great hunt, i love this innovation supposedly in the right direction. Too much clicking of buttons is becoming too much work and tiresome nowadays for most games.
this will totally change the way of our interactions in games altogether.
Not really, Just the learning curve or getting used to it and still the implementation of some controls in some games will take some time.
Great hunt.

I really get the problems this device is trying to solve. A lot of gamers will be really happy with this since some commands can really get cumbersome if you have to do it with your keyboards. Most of the time, you just end up getting used to avoiding some actions, rather than press a bunch of keys, which could get confusing quick. Nice find.

This is awesome. I wanna buy this one. It will be more fun and to play the game. Great hunt.

Wow, this is very innovative solution for gaming. As a gamer I can see how the overall gaming experience will improve a lot. I think this is the hunt of the day may be because I'm biased for being a gamer.

Waoo!!! This is really amazing, its another improvement in technology'. Kudos to the Creator of tilted👍
Tiltef is a wearable gaming tool which help you to control the game. Instead of moving your hands around the keyboard, you just need to wear the device on your head and turn to anywhere you want your game direction.
Thanks @shaanivc for bringing this nice Hunt👏👏

keep it up and have more good Hunt💞💞

Great gadget which gives you great comfort during gaming. The gadget is easy to use and wearable, acts on your command and the gadget cost you only 47$.


-its price is quite reasonable for the great facilities that contribute I love the idea, great contribution for the community, thank you.

Great Hunt! Tilted is an awesome product for game lovers it is an easy way of playing Games while your hands free now and you just wear the tilted on your head you can control all the command from tilted. Thanks for sharing such a Great Hunt Good Luck with your hunt

Best in-game experience for all players, both novices and experts. Simple to use and is not annoying as several times the keyboard and mouse become when we are playing.

Wow this is really my thing. I am a gamer and I really don't like keyboards. Several time I missed the key in a very crucial time and got lost the game. I will must give it a try. Thanks for sharing

This is a whole new way of gaming and I believe it is more better that the traditional gaming ways. With this more can Ben accomplish and it a whole new Gaming way

This is very good no more need to use mouse and keyboard this is very helpful for gammer's
Great hunter

I am a gamer, too. That's great to use a belt instead of mouse and keyboard. Thanks for sharing this useful product.

All the lovers of game can now enjoye more better because this design will definitely bring more joy to them. No need for mouse or keyboard again which act frustrating at times.

Thanks for this idea

I used to play Warcraft and Smite, and this one it could be really helpful especially in the case of Warcraft!
Man this is really awesome Hunt!!

Amazing and cool hunt. It is good invention to play game with out key board and mouse.

No doubt that this is amazing!!
Nice tech, nicely hunted too

Keyboard and mouse makes the game difficult to enjoy especially the keyboard...
On the cost, it is ok too

I love this hunt and it is so cool with amazing features and has no expensive thanks for sharing.

I watched the video on Kickstarter and it does amazing job. You can adjust its working and also customize it for yourself. I like such products a lot. Playing games will be more easy with this device. Great hunt

It must be perfect thing to control your game with your head. Playing Pubg will be more fun than ever. Maybe after playing you can have a little pain in your neck. Nice hunt

It doesn't replace the mouse or key board as you mentioned on the description but it's a really good help bij some difficult moves. If its for games only, I think beginners can use it easily because they will react with their body and head. Such inventions are really nice to see. Thanks

I like the working of this device and while gaming it can help you a lot. You still need to use your mouse and keyboard. It has an affordable price. Thanks for sharing.

Such controllers helps you to improve your gaming experience. Its price is really good so any gamer can buy and use it. I like this product. Nice hunt.

Gaming industry is booming and and with the advent of blockchain tech, now people will play more games to get real money that they can spend for their needs so more and more people will join this industry. Such a seamless solution will help making the overall gaming experience far better.

Wao. That is so awesome... The best part is its super cheap...
Awesome and affordable gaming experience.

Though I'm not a gamer but I've come across some games built on Ethereum blockchain here at @steemhunt. So, it would be better way to play games with the right tools to make the overall experience effortless.

Getting such a great gaming product for just $47 is epic thing. This is probably one of the best gaming hunt at @steemhunt so far. It will surely make the gaming experience lot more fun. Congrats.

I am a gamer and I like to play games every time. I have purchased some very high cost mouse and keyboard to play the games uninterruptedly. But this device Tilted made me surprised. I will must give it a try.


Promises are meant to be broken. I'm waiting for you to buy it,

Playing on the computer will never go out of fashion, and now less with the advantage of not having to use mouse thanks to this device, I need one. Great hunting

Well done @shaanivc! As an occasional gamer, I prefer a mouse and a keyboard but would try this as it seems quite fun and maybe makes my gaming experience even better.

Great One!!!

I love the product and the fact that the price is affordable. This is really a revolutionary device for all the gamers in around the world.

Thumb Up

This is good for me to say goodbye to keyboard and mouse LOl` It is very cool thanks for sharing.

This is nice product, well designed for all the lover of games. This will definitely help them to say goodbye to all sort of difficulties arose from the use of keyboard and mouse. Thanks for this great hunt

47 $ is a great price for this belt. It is time to leave my mouse and keyboard and play the games by Tilted. Awesome hunt.

A revolutionary product for gamers, wow I love the concept behind Tilted. Definitely will love to get this. Awesome hunt!

I'm a gamer and I have fully known the woes of mouse and keyboard as tools for gaming. It's commendable that problem-solving people are out there and they always come up with something as good solution as this one. Perfect hunt!

Soo cool. A gaming controller at this price. It a nice value for money. I love it.

The science of gaming :)

It's a good solution for making games easier to play.

The mouse and keyboard has always existed, I had always wondered what would happen if there was a change for this and here is present in a few words good

Hello shaanivc, steemgar works again :D

another revolutionary controller device for gaming. this will change the conventional mechanism of control in gaming


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