RIPURI - Get Pure Water In Seconds

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Get Pure Water In Seconds

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Hunter's comment

I often hear this sentence that: WATER IS LIFE. This is 200% true. Without water nobody can survive.
Water is a very important part of our lives, so in this regard science has gotten great progress. Now we have filter plants even in our homes. I know still in backward areas people are forced to drink Puddle water. But I am talking about advanced countries.
Today I am sharing a REVOLUTIONARY product regarding filtered water. RIPURI is a bottle with some extra ordinary features. I am pretty sure you all will love it. Here are some of the features:

  • Made with squeezable Stainless Steel
  • NSF Filter
  • Plastic Free
  • No Power
  • Chemicals Free
  • FDA approved
  • No leakage
  • Guaranteed HYGIENIC and very easy to clean
  • 100% true taste
  • Easy to carry
  • Beautiful shape
  • Affordable
  • And much more

This is a must watch Video:


Opening Day Discount: $49



Hunter: @shaanivc

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Very useful tool while traveling and a great hunt. While going anywhere, one can take this bottle and if there's no place to buy bottled water and only one water supply that you don't trust, this will come in handy.


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Great Hunt!


Damn thanks! Was just about to buy me a LifeStraw but this really looks better. And with the early bird discount they offer now in their funding phase it will be quite cheaper too. Will have to do a little research but think this is the one. Thanks!

Keep on the good work!

Getting pure water us life for us, and great to be able to do this with a bottle and so convenient. Not expensive at all. Cool product.

It does not pollute and clean water gets very fast. Organizations that help regions and countries with scarce water should know this product, which is economical and would help many people who need clean water. If we can donate something, we can donate this article that will be of great help.

This product is great especially for travellers. Getting filtered water to drink could be challenging, but with this device, it is very easy to get clean water anywhere. Great hunt.

A travellers biggest nightmare is prufication of water or getting sick because of it in the midle of nowhere. there are many filtering mobile systems, how this is unique I dont know but it is alittle big. I also wonder how durable the filter is cause you cant count how many times you used it so there should be something warning you that filter is not filtering good anymore. water issue is life and death issue at the same time. Thanks informing about this product, good hunt!

(1) It is plastic free and having NSF filter.
(2) Water is hygienic and no power is required for this.
(3) It is FDA approved and very easy to carry as well.

Thank you...steem on that hunt.

Pure water is something very rare these days... So product like this is very helpful for anyone who wants to drink a pure water, especially for those having stomach or kidney problems... Great hunt!

Ripuri is an advanced technology made bottle. It is a medium to use for water in your daily life. This bottle has a lot of features. Great Hunter.

Wow.. We can now get more pure water easily from this .. This will be very useful for places with low water supply .. Cool hunt

Innovations like this are important to help humans prosper and get the clean water we need to live. Nice hunt @shaanivc. Keep up the good work

The clean drinking water have been scarce and less available in many countries of the world. For this reason, deaths toll has been going up in recent years. Specially, in the areas where there is less awareness or poverty, people have no choice but to live on really unsafe drinking water and thus they start suffering from diseases like Hepatitis that makes them die after some time. RIPURI seems a savior but unfortunately, this won't do any good to the people who can't afford to buy it. Great hunt!

Wow.. Cool natural water here which will be generated from air .. This is so cool and it does not require any power. . good hunt here

This is perfect.
Water is life but unfortunately is not everybody that had access to clean water, thereby many fall victim of sickness caused by dirty water but with the help of RIPURI,the problem will be minimum.

Thanks for this

Great hunt! It looks really useful. I like mountain climbing. It looks like you need it to go hiking. I think you can take it with you when you go on a trip. Thank you for sharing.

I like the idea of turning a water bottle into a portable water filtration system. It's perfect for travelers going to places where they can't trust the quality of drinking water. This could save them a lot of money from having to buy bottled water, all the time. And, even without the filtration system, the bottle's Easy Pump feature is already a clever upgrade to your regular stainless steel bottle.

This bottle is very useful and eco-friendly. I like its many features, especially it made with the squeezable stainless steel.

Cool hunt @shaanivc, because of it is handy, we can carry it anywhere and for us not to be dehydrated. It has a simple design and also affordable, very interesting.


  • great and sophisticated

  • can purify water

  • simple size


  • none

Though this is an amazing product and will help the unsafe water problem in the developing countries in particular. However, if you take a look at the discounted price that is $49, this becomes almost half of the average monthly income of a job holding person here in my country. The price will go up when this crowdfunding campaign is over and I don't know how this product being amazing can do any good to the end users? This is a question to the makers.

EPIC hunt!

This is great, especially squeezable part. $49 is reasonable...or a bit expensive.

Always good to have multiple ways of getting potable water. Nice design. Squeezable steel? Gotta look into that one. Remember water is the universal solvent not for hydration. You can actually die if you drink too much. Nice one!

This seems like a magic bottle, because it can turn muddy water into clean water and can be consumed.
this is amazing
Great hunt @shaanivc

Ergonomic, guaranteed and easy to swallow. It is beautiful in shape and can be carried. The price could have been a little cheaper. Overall a successful product. Thank you.

Water is life, this would be very convenient to go to camp. If we run out of drinking water to use it and ready drinking water in seconds great hunting

I think it is a revolutionary product but the price should be fixed on the basis of purchasing power parity of any country, so the people of south east Asia and African can afford them. Thanks for sharing this product.

revolutionary artifact and more for people who like to explore and go out into the world as this is something we all need to live great hunting men

unnamed (1).gif

Your Hunt Is Wonderful



  • It is small and portable to carry.

  • It is hygienic and very clean.

  • It is free from every chemicals.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

A product that can filter the water required for life. A transportable water container and filter. A very good idea. It has NSF Filter inside. We get water with a hundred percent real taste. Cool hunt.

"RIPURI" is a Lovely Hunt you Created @shaanivc.

I love that amazing water bottle RIPURI which has lot of features. That's true that water is life and pure water is Blessing. Thanks for sharing a Revolutionary product here. Good work as usual.

There is no doubt at all the life depends upon water; pure water indeed. RIPURI is a perfect innovation and superb idea to purify the water with simple methodology. With amazing feature cost of this bottle is really really affordable.

Thank you so much @shaanivc for this outstanding hunt :)

Getting purified water in seconds sounds amazing and also its features are great. Such a perfect hunt.

Ripuri is a perfect product to get purified water in seconds. It is also low cost. Perfect hunt.

Most lovable RIPURI

Amazing, it is a good idea to get pure water in seconds. This product is very useful for all people. Thanks for sharing this, it's a good thing.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

This product is very useful for developing countries like africa where they suffer from poor water quality. I hope more and more people can drink pure water with this product.

Pure and clean water is very important for healthy life so
RIPURI is the best option for pure water and very safe for all the family. RIPURI will give you clean and natural taste.
Cool Hunt!

You found a really great product here!! It's amazing how a bottle can do this, it's portable, stainless steel, it has removable filter, and most important, purifies water non chemical!!
Great Hunt!!

Hi @shaanivc (I can't good to spell your name)

It's really amazing product everyone. Not too expensive but give us big impact. Best features for better life today.

Great Hunt friends 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Definitely you right, water is life and without it,we cant survive. Have seen a lot of water bottles and this definitely looks cool. Is a great hunt

good for health and stuff, i really want one, thank you very much for your hunt, steem on

I need this product because I love travelling. I can take water in this bottle withou afraid is not good for my health. It can filter water.

I love this technology, great hunt!

A very useful product for people who like to camp or go on a trip to forests and for some case they run out of water, they can use water from any river and make it pure water to drink, this product in my point of view will have very successful and more when it is marketed all over the world.

this is really a good product to get instant clean water. I believe this will help a lot of people in generating clean water for drink.

With a little amount of money, one can get a healthy and clean water, this is great, the device is portable and moveable, great hunt hunter

Great Hunt @shaanivc. You can get pure water in anytime anywhere. Thank you for sharing this awesome botle.

Good time to post this hunt, it has an opening discount. Exactly water is life, in fact the human body has 60~65% content in percentage, which means we solely need water consumption in our daily lives. I hope they provide this tool to 3rd world countries so that they will not get bothered when getting some water to drink. I live your hunt, I will be giving this a score of 5 out of 5 💯

Hi @ shaanivc, great hunting.
Water for Drink is a dream for many.
With this device, at least some of the problems could be solved.
The device is nice,from stainless steel and easy to use and wearing.
After you have filled it with water, for a few moments you have a hygienic drinking water.
Great for going to nature a and for many who do not have enough potable water.

Pros and cons
-Provide quality water
-the design looks very nice

-need to replace filter from time to time

Excellent to take with one of walk, but still to those places where you want to enjoy the maximum of nature and you can not carry much luggage or large bottles of water. great hunting.

Made with squeezable Stainless Steel
NSF Filter
Plastic Free
No Power
Chemicals Free
FDA approved
No leakage
Guaranteed HYGIENIC and very easy to clean
100% true taste
Easy to carry
Beautiful shape
And much more

This is amazing my friend. Great hunt my friend @shaanivc.
Wish you great success here.

Ripuri is very suitable for the price. Made of solid materials and easy to use. Water is the most important part of our lives. We can choose this product for health.

Water is Life. And they made a powerful product RIPURI with some special features. I love this bottle. This is really a life changing and revolutionary product. It should be a win HUNT by placing at No 1. All the best.

Good hunt

We get pure drinking water with in a second.

No plastic, no chemical



awesome hunt

It seems a reasonable price for how important water is for human life great product

The video says it is purifying fresh water so you can not just fetch water anywhere (like, not salt water from the ocean) and purify it with this container. It is a cool container though.

Clean water is a little in the world and it is less every day. Therefore, such products are excellent and very welcome, convenient. SUPERB HUNT

The biggest problem in the world today is scarcity of drinking water ,we may have 70% of water on our planet but we still don't have enough of this water drinkable . RIPURi can be answer to get some respite from the thrist.

best of luck for your next hunt

I checked the features, also watched the video and Ripuri is good to be true for 49 $ . Of course if it is shared here, it is true. Perfect hunt.

This is absolutely a great hunt! The world has so much pollution and getting this will be way more than helpful than other else. I wish to have one soonest.


  • Pure Water
  • NFS Filter
  • Stainless steel quality
  • No leakage
  • Portable
  • Good Shape
  • None

Brilliant hunt! This is really amazing product with so many outstanding characteristics. It is economical, portable and handy product very useful in any circumstances.

it has many function. very impressive!! keep it up!!

Hello @shaanivc, this bottle you have shred info about is quite futuristic and we can carry it anywhere, filtered water with us all the time.Kids can carry to school, nice that you informed us.

Great thing

Its a good survival tool

Thanks for sharing this.
The days of drinking unclean water is over with the invention of RIPURI.
This is beautiful and useful


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