Happy Things - Scientifically proven happiness exercises

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Happy Things

Scientifically proven happiness exercises



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Happy Things is an app for a happier life, it offers scientifically proven, happiness exercises. Choose your favorite activity from easy and fun ones. Happy Things motivates you, monitor your progress, and share it with your family, colleagues, friends.




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I had a look at the link - it says it is about "bite sized" happy exercises, where they send you one thing to do each day that will make you happy, such as listening to a song that evokes good memories.

happiness exercises seem to be a good way of getting happiness that we should try for sure. Thanks for sharing

Wow! What a great app you have searched. This will be a very nice app to do exercise of happiness with this. Great Hunt!

I wonder, Science is deciding everything for us. Now it's saying what's happy for me and what's not! Isn't happiness a subjective emotion?!! Can Science measure happiness and pain?

Seems a nice app that helps you to get your life more happier and easier by doing some excercise or other workout nice idea

People can be trained to have a positive outlook on life and to learn how to be happy. What a great site this is, gently taking people through various exercises to make them happier


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