People Requesting for Rescue - A map based rescue request web page

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People Requesting for Rescue

A map based rescue request web page



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Hunter's comment

The emergency situation caused by the floods of 2018 inspired the IT enthusiasts of Kerala to build this tool and it helped thousands of people who were stranded and without food or supplies. It also helped the volunteers to receive verified and validated requests for help, thus eliminating fraud calls and messages.
This can be used easily and the people who need help need enter only a few details and help would be on the way.
It is excellent and proved means of helping the people during emergency situations.


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i'm afraid that while this is an awesome use of it, we already have it...

we can't possibly list all usages of it, we would have thousands of urls from the same company.

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Thanks for pointing it out. I am sorry, never thought it was shared before. I will check in future. This webpage did of course help thousands get immediate relief and is still being used this year also, unfortunately for floods caused by landslides and heavy rainfall.
Thanks once again

yep, that's why the original product was hunted. because it's useful. but we cannot list each one i'm afraid.

This is amazing. I am really encouraged about the idea of people never getting lost. The tools that are available to search and rescue workers is growing each year. While it looks like an invasion of privacy (and we know there is abuse in that area), these tools are lifesavers.