How to become a Steem hunter?

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Steem Hunt

I have always come across steem hunt posts on steemit and used to wonder how the bloggers got to write posts for the Steem hunter website. In about a month's time, I will have completed a year on steemit. It has been an exciting journey which is looking even more promising with the addition of and steem hunt and musing and esteem besides the good old steemit platform.

Steem connect your account to steem hunt

  • Visit the steem hunt website and sign up using steem connect.
  • Read a few articles and understand the format
  • Click the plus icon to create a new steem hunt page but I would recommend you to wait a while and increase your level to 1 so as to get votes and verification
  • Search online for latest apps, gadgets and the like and create a steem hunt post
  • Make sure that you do not spam the website by copy-pasting details from other websites - write in your own words
  • Interact with others so that they will notice you and help you
  • Participate actively on steem hunt discord
  • Always search for new products that are yet to become popular - the steem hunt website page could then be a helpful guide to early adopters of the product whether it be digital or otherwise
  • Do not beg for upvotes - if yours is a good hunt, it will be certainly verified and showcased
  • Always remember that the more you interact, the more higher levels you can attain. Otherwise, you will slip down and return to the lower ones
  • Be optimistic - always try before even thinking of giving up

Golden rule

Never spam


The discord channel can be used to ask doubts and the like and to get to know members from other countries but it should not be used to get votes, beg for visits and votes etc. Always remember that hard work pays. There is no such thing as easy money. Work hard, find good products online and then share the information with the world because that is what STEEM HUNT IS ALL ABOUT

All the best

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