TJAY - Early detection and management of epilepsy

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Early detection and management of epilepsy



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Handling a child with epilepsy is not a simple task, and this product idea came to the Founder of this product out of her experience to deal with her own son. Its a wearable glove that has software integrated into it which transmits the signals from the device fit on the palm, to a cloud storage, and then this data is analyzed by using machine learning and AI, to build the decision support system.

This is going to be a life saver for epilepsy patients and will provide peace of mind to their family / relatives, because in most of the cases, its just that few minutes, which if cared, could prevent accidents happen to the patient.

Go and check out the specs, I went through the timelines, and other details / status of the company. It seems they are now on clinical trial phase. I just did a pre-order, and apparently they will be in touch with me soon.



Hunter: @sanmi

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I love when people build companies and products around fixing the issues from their own lives. I do suppose that it is not an easy task to handle epilepsy, as it's not handling any similar issue but, to be able to get feedback from an AI is something next-level since, we, as humans don't have the necessary attention to catch up every pattern. Let's hope that more similar products get built around other issues.

Keep on hunting.

Such applications not only help a problem but also give people hope for the future. Great one! Thank you for sharing @sanmi.


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Great hunt

U hunted a fabulous product but I could not understand its mechanism of action . I need to dig deeper to understand how it works .

Yeah that's nice...coz a smart glove capable of sensing electrical signals from your body, keeping track of your health and material possession you recognize however you're doing whereas you sleep, work and set about your daily routine – that’s TJay for you.

Thanks @sanmi for this blog
Actually, TJay is currently designed for the early detection and management of epilepsy√√√

With TJay, we hope to make the lives of people with epilepsy safer and remove some of the uncertainties they deal with every day. We are also trying to make it easier for doctors to arrive at a more accurate and faster diagnosis, with the help of streaming real-time data, collected over long periods of time.


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Un hermoso invento de la ciencia, saludos desde venezuela, me gustaría saber si es real espero tu próximo post con mucha emoción


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A beautiful invention of science, greetings from Venezuela, I would like to know if it is real I hope your next post with much emotion