- Data driven cryptocurrency advisor bot

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Data driven cryptocurrency advisor bot



Hunter's comment is a Telegram bot that helps you make profitable cryptocurrency investment decisions. You can invest in cryptocurrency with its data-driven recommendations. You get notified when there are relevant changes in the market. Its price is € 4.99 / month.


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Well this would be great if you wanna don't lose your money so this bot can help you to make a good investment decision right?

Great hunt dear friend
This is really useful tool for the traders through which can get useful crypto advices.
Thanks for sharing with us.

I am not sure about how successful these bots are. The crypto market is not liquid, especially for alts. So the data can be manipulated by small pumps, which can fool the bot into persuading you to buy.

great app for market research, thanks for sharing

cryptocurrency prediction bot is good to get the idea of crypto market... interesting hunt..
thanks for sharing..
keep hunting..

Bot usage for crypto trade is new thing ad I hope that it will get more attention by the traders

Technology is making things smarter and I like this innovative hunt for better experience for trading.


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