Spreely - social network for free people

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social network for free people



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Spreely is a social network app. It provides free entertainment to social peoples. With spreely app, people can speak freely.




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It's like 3speak in steem blockchain. We can express our voices freely. The different is we get the rewards from 3speak but this app no. But overall, freedom for speak is more than anything that everyone want to express. Nice one of hunt 😉

Much better than Facebook. A place I can post freely with no backlash. It is a wonderful site with great people. Love the fact I found others who I have so much in common with.

I like the ability to speak freely on this site; much better than Farcebook, but some things need to be tightened up a bit. It is cumbersome to see your own page and review or edit your own posts.

This is a great change from FB, Twitter and all the other social media apps. It is new so it is unique platform like another social media. good hunt

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That is an interesting app @sanach I will surely check it out.


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