KindVR - Custom virtual reality therapies to help patients

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Custom virtual reality therapies to help patients



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KindVR is providing best custom virtual reality therapies for the patient to feel free from stress and anxiety. It seems a wnderful VR system to treat patient in a hospital.

We are a research-based company, partnering with leading US and Canadian pediatric hospitals. Our goal is to make it easy for hospitals to provide clinically validated virtual reality therapy to every patient in need.


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Ity no doubt that Vr is going to have a huge impact in our life in the future and as it seems this one is kind of cool as well as the work that it do would sure bring value to those in need. Besides always great to see improvement in treating a patient and giving the best care possible. Nice hunt Sana !!

Virtual therapy is the new best thing to deal with mental health issues. And this one also looks really promising. I hope people get help form this devices.
Nice find!

It is noteworthy that patients are mentally retarded in hospitals due to various reasons. It is important for patients to be fit for fast recovery. Your today's hunt can really help to ease the patient's stress and anxiety. Great Hunt thanks for share.

Virtual therapy now this time is very common. Those people face anxiety and depression ,if they try it hope they remove her anxiety. Overall i appreciate this .thanks for share .

I'm fascinated to see how VR is changing different things around us. KindVR is a good example. Many people are suffering from anxiety and depression. KindVR gives custom virtual reality therapies for patients and it helps patients a lot to relieve depression. Nice hunt!


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