3D Pool Madness - Play Pool with madness

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3D Pool Madness

Play Pool with madness



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Hunter's comment

Hi hunters warnm welcome to the my hunt and this game was released Apr 09, 2014. This is developed by eviaagames. Are you playing steem based pool game which name is super 8
Ball club? Then this is easy to play for you. This is little different than super 8 ball club. You have to keep black balls on board, if it goes out then the game is over.
So you need to taking care of this thing. so enjoy and take care.


-Realistic Physics
-60 Challenging Levels
-Game Center enabled




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Brilliant graphics, real 3D. Probably the very best pool game ever. You need to allow players to hit the ball harder in order to get a proper spread for a game it's really addictive. Loads of fun.

Great hunt @sameernawab! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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As its name 3D madness, yes its true someone who played it really become a mad for play it. It was a time when i mad for playing it and spent a lot of time with my friends in club. so we play till late night here and much enjoyed.So I think it is a lovely addition for game lovers in such category.

Steem-based pool game is very interesting with cool features. I have to try it once, it was mind-blowing. This one also seems interesting to play.

What a design and also style of this game. Impressive and very attractable for the lover of 3D Pool Madness. I played super 8 ball club and this game is very easy and unique. Also, the style and shape of very different and we can put the ball anywhere in the side pocket that not look in 1st see.
Very interesting and cool game for the lover of snooker and billiard.

This is amazing game. I played it and have so much fun.


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